When Tudor watches first relaunched, I gleefully declared to both the PR and the brand representatives that I was in possession of a vintage piece. Not much is known about mine as it was gift from my dad after it was given to him from a sadly late, family friend. However, it was bought in Newcastle in the late 1950s or during the 1960s. I wear it everyday and have had countless compliments on how simple but strikingly elegant it is. Last Friday, I had the opportunity to meet the evolution of the Tudor Royal – the Tudor Style collection. The Style line provides a contemporary take on the classic and elegant wristwatch, a form of expression which Tudor has continued to tap into throughout its history, with models with evocative names such as Prince or Tuxedo. Drawing on the aesthetic codes born out of the 50s, 60s and 70s, this retro-chic style watch in steel or steel and gold, illustrates the careful attention to detail paid by Tudor to all its creations. 

I was particularly drawn to the 38mm, steel cased, double bezelled piece with the blue dial (£1,580) as it jumped out as a piece which would work, like mine, from day to night. Fully flexible, the striking deep blue dial would suit being paired with either a casual or more formal look to elegantly stand out as a quality piece of timekeeping. To support this stunning watch, I also looked at the slightly larger 41mm, steel cased piece with a silver face with yellow gold index (£1,650) and the very simple 41mm, steel cased watch (£1,580) which both work well as superb dress watches for the modern man. Interestingly, the Tudor brand – owned by Rolex – was started as a more price sensitive option for men to engage with the famed Swiss watch maker but who could not afford the prices. Whilst the range is very well priced for the superb quality of the pieces, it seems inflation has pushed up the original costs however they are significantly less than their Rolex brothers – and in my opinion, far more valuable and attractive.

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