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London born, Berlin based yet Scandinavian inspired, this stunning collection is the brainchild of Sissi Goetze following her completion of her studies at Central St. Martins in London in 2011. Shortened to GOETZE in 2016, the label was formed around an ongoing exploration of unique formal and casual sensibilities within essential menswear items. Restraining her output to variations of men’s shirts, pants and jackets, each collection considers the creative potential within limitation, utilizing material in a gestural nod towards both functional aesthetics and minimalist design. GOETZE fuses historical precedents of menswear with everyday aspects of contemporary masculinity, taking inspiration from both athletic apparel and casual wear. The label draws upon the German city’s intersection of unconventional lifestyle with elements extracted from art, design and leisure to develop and craft each collection.

Obscuring the boundaries between functional sportswear and dapper casual apparel, GOETZE’s Spring Summer 2017 collection is rooted between the sensibilities of boyish youth and manhood. The classic GOETZE pieces are updated with a new series of college jackets, track suit tops, shorts, striped shirts and rib knit tops, the collection adapts forms and silhouettes taken from athletic apparel, while placing emphasis on the functionality that materials like mesh-bonded jersey and memory poplin bring to clothing.These reworked pieces continue GOETZE’s dedication to reinterpreting essential sports and casual menswear with a contemporary and luxurious touch.

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