Wonderfully charismatic, a little innocent combined with a dose of a non-conformist attitude, this SS16 preview of Smith-Wykes’ STRATA collection is a visual joy. With an inspiration that dreams of the mountains, big country, and even bigger skies yet looking to a less connected time, Smith-Wykes drew inspiration from the great western American landscape, and the dirtbag counterculture of Yosemite in the 70s. A group of young nonconformists, they broke away from mainstream society and dedicated their lives to climbing, camaraderie and freedom. Repurposing what was available, the dirtbags used a mixture of sports, military and collegiate equipment and garments for their own practical effect and stylistic codes. They were pioneers of a new era of climbing and free climbing, they are credited for much that we take for granted in the evolution of outdoor active gear today. 
With a growing trend for experience and disconnection, I look forward to seeing Smith-Wykes collection in full later this week and will no doubt be drawn into a world that takes me away from my own.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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