Adidas is a brand that has, in the past couple of years, dominated the ‘iconic sneaker’ market with both the Stand Smiths and these, the Superstar. These, from JD Sports, are the second incarnation of the simple, clean profile that works well with some washed denim, white shirt and a grey cable knit for a great dress casual and/or sport luxe inspired look. Adidas dipped into their archive for these, calling out the crafted all-white leather upper that stands out to show the toe details and the adidas three stripe branding to the sides – perfect for those who like to keep it simple when it comes to their footwear.
The adidas Superstar, born in 1969, has achieved such an iconic status as it has endured both the explosion of the basketball sneaker trend as well as from competition, on the street and on the track, for more than 40 years. During the 70’s, the adidas Superstar was the favourite gametime sneaker amongst the NBA, with the 100% leather upper creating the perfect balance between freedom of movement and stability, while the shell-toe cap reinforced foot protection. Since those days, they are now ingrained into street style and culture, with a perfect balance between fashion and lifestyle. Fancy grabbing a pair? Check out the full-offering here.  

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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