After discovering Neuw in Las Vegas earlier this year, I have become a firm fan; captured by its very relaxed yet refine pieces that you could say fit into that Normcore trend that is sweeping fashion right now. Simplicity is the key here, and a definite capturing of a casual, Los Angelean spirit that focuses on the minimal and natural. For their AW14 collection, Neuw has been inspired by the punk and avant-garde scene of LA during the 1970’s, which hey have interpreted into this themed of The Damned. 
The collection embodies the dark, decadent and gritty spirit of the people and music of the time yet retains modern heritage interpretations of great indigo dyed and blackened fabrics which look great with washed cottons. My favourite look? The white shirt and indigo dyed denim, below. Fresh yet rooted in simplicity, it captures the spirit of our time but also that of the labels.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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