It’s a Fearful Thing to Love Something That Death Can Touch

Launching only three months after its sell-out inaugural show, The Unit London in Chiswick has announced its second official exhibition, UTOPIA. I featured the first exhibit on LSoD and it was really well received, and co-owner Jonny Burt is a friend of the website. Never one to shy away from promoting a deserving partnership, the new show is in alliance with Shelter the UK’s biggest housing and homelessness charity. As a collaborative show, it that aims to raise awareness for homelessness, showing it in a new light through the medium of art.
A vision of an ideal world is the idea at the heart of this exhibition, which features an eclectic mix of work from some of the UK’s most exciting and cutting-edge contemporary artists, as well as an exclusive selection of international talent. With one of my favourites, Pure Evil, showcasing, it stands besides a great selection including Sandra Chevrier, Copyright, Carrie Reichardt, Andrew Mcattee, Mason Storm, Ben Allen, George Morton-Clark, Jake Wood-Evans, Joe Kennedy, and Jonny Burt. Everybody has their vision of what Utopia looks like, which is clear from this exhibition, as it features works in a variety of mediums from a diverse collective of artists.
At this time of year, thoughts always turn towards a perfect state of hope, equality, and happiness and a unifying belief that together society can create a brighter future. As a society, we are bombarded with sensationalised images of tragedy, foreboding, and pessimism and it can be difficult to harbour hope for a better world. But even the smallest of gestures can bring us closer to a Utopia, and with that in mind, and in the spirit of Christmas, The Unit London is donating 20% of all proceeds from this exhibition to Shelter. Find more info here.
Break Glass for New Begginings 
Flower Bomb

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