A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to try out a new menswear brand called Ministry of Supply coming out of Boston, MA in The States. Really getting in the niche of menswear, they are combining classic pieces with technology to produce some great pieces for everyday office workwear. Now, I do not do ‘office workwear’ but for one day only, put on the lot – all detailed below – and I was highly impressed. From the incredibly soft, non-iron shirt to the colours that worked really well together, Ministry of Supply is a great man brand who are now offering the whole look online. Functioning like athletic wear, I just hope a range of suits is on the cards because then, menswear will perhaps change in a way we have not seen before. But for now, guys – this is a great settlement for everyday in the office. 
The AEON sweatshirt is one of the newest additions to Ministry of Supply’s line of performance professional menswear. Like any other cut of sweater, AEON’s moisture-wicking fabric helps keep you fresh and sweat-free, while infused coffee beans absorb odors. And to keep that “new cotton hoody” sensation, this sweatshirt also features a special brushed lining for a soft feel, wash after wash. 

APOLLO Dress Shirt –  $98 per shirt

APOLLO got its start as the highest ever Kickstarter fashion campaign, and during the day, body temperature fluctuates, moisture accumulates, odors develop, and you go through a wide range of motions — nothing is constant. To date, no business-appropriate and fashionable clothing has accommodated and functioned in this ever-changing environment. It’s made using with the same materials NASA uses in their spacesuits to help with temperature regulation, helping busy guys make the transition between hot and cold environments more easily. And APOLLO goes where no dress shirt has gone before, with a proprietary, high-grade synthetic fabric that enhances moisture wicking and has anti-microbial properties to reduce odor. 

ATLAS Socks – $18 per pair
After a long day in the office, every guy experiences the feeling of aching, hot, sweaty feet inside his dress shoes. It’s a pain, and traditional dress socks are to blame but these ATLAS socks are made from a recycled polyester knit infused with coffee to act as a filter to absorb odors — it’s 3 times more effective at absorbing odor molecules than regular cotton. These socks are designed with pressure mapping for comfort, thermal imaging for heat venting, and strain analysis to ensure that fabric moves with the foot and doesn’t bunch. The socks are also robotically knit, which allows variable venting and cushion exactly where the foot needs it in a seamless structure. 

AVIATOR Chinos – $118.00 per pair
An all day, every day pant that looks sharp and is durable enough to handle anything. With casual styling and high-tech infusions, these chinos are made from Ministry of Supply’s most durable, wind-resistant fabric. This fabric is also moisture-wicking and water-resistant, so you’ll stay fresh in any environment. To help keep you comfortable, they used thermal imaging to identify high-heat areas of the body, then increased airflow right where you want it with our special RADIATOR Mesh Pockets. 

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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