Dallas is not often associated with great style or fashion, depspite all the major international players having stores either in Highland Park or North Park. Even still, University of North Texas is a leading light in fashion with an esteemed couture archive and a progressive and exciting program. So step forward Verum, a brand based in Dallas, that is changing the face of menswear to be more open and honest in a creative way. Aiming to sell pieces at a premium price because of their premium products, not their premium status (an argument long had and faught in the fashion industry) which links nicely into their name that is Truth in Latin. 
Verum’s pieces are carefully thought out and made to be timeless staples in the fashion-conscious customer’s wardrobe. Their Spring/Summer ’13 line has already been purchased and worn by a number of influential people, such as Nas, Ryan Leslie, Fall Out Boy during their 2013 tour and Jamie Foxx to name a few. Despite bring sold out, take a look on the website at the jersey and doe skin hoodie that edges towards the easthetic of Rick Owens. For Autumn/Winter ’13, Verum have focused on python skin and houndstooth fabrics and incorporated them onto simple yet powerful pieces – or both such as on the baseball cut top, above.
This is a label that will no doubt go very far, using American made materials but having a European outlook and creative touch.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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