On one of the hottest days of the year, last month I was asked to stop by the Marks and Spencer Marble Arch store to lend my skills and style eye in the cool and calm suit department. There has been much chatter about the progression of the suit range from one of the UK’s favourite high street retailers, particularly the Savile Row Inspired range, but this morning was all about the customers, and namely Eddie, a 19 year old from the north of England.
The initiative by Marks and Spencer was set up as a competition through social media for a hand-full of gents to come into the store and be styled for an event by some of the UK’s top menswear bloggers. I met with Eddie, listened to his needs and requirements for the type of event he was attending, and then went round store with him to select some outfits for him to try on. Eddie was planning a last get-together with his friends at the St Ledger race event in Doncaster next month, before they all went to their respective universities. He also vowed to donate his winnings to a cancer charity, the one who helped his mum through her encounter with the disease – both Marks and Spencer and I thought this was an incredible sentiment.  
The range of suits at the Marble Arch store is vast, from slim cut to classic; grey to deep navy and a host of accessories including shirts and ties, of which I have never seen so many in one area. We both decided that, in a change from his usual favour of navy, to go for a grey pinstripe, single breasted, two buttoned suit. However, half way through the appointment Eddie had a change of heart and opted for this navy Collezione two piece, which fitted well considering his rugby/gym physique. In hindsight, it worked a lot better for the event and would be a great classic to see him through for years to come as his skin tone and frame would suit navy better. From here I picked a light pink shirt – a colour that suited his skin tone perfectly, and opted for a gold tie with navy spots which was a real change from the usual contrast combinations that men often choose. Within his budget we had some room for a pair of shoes, so I opted for a pair of classic single monks – both a modern classic that has its roots in street style so was a nod to the sartorial trend.
I hope you agree that, after an hour, I chose well and that Eddie is fit for the races next month. He was one a few very deserving winners, and I wish him all the best to win as much as he can for charity.

Written by Danhasbyoliver



I think you styled Eddie well, though I would have to be honest and say that I really like the color block shirt and the sandal you were wearing, haha. May I ask where they're from?


Thanks; the shirt is old season Our Legacy and the sandal is a traditional Menorcan one from Spain – you can google it and find plenty of examples. However, the heel strap MUST go into the sole – some are stiched on but it will hurt your foot.


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