You know when menswear is on its biggest rise when brands start investing in their own dedicated stores and spaces, particularly when the state of the economy is on rocky ground. The latest brand investing this trend is Louis Vuitton, and if you are both fabulous and wealthy, then heading to Harrods is a natural choice – so thats where they have set up. 
Expanding its space by 30 percent over two interconnecting floors, this decadent and luxurious space is a destination of incredible proportions that brings together the Vuitton heritage of travel, with an expanded space for the classic pieces as well as the new business travel line. If you are not content with a case or trunk, then extras such as small leather goods, belts, cashmere and silk ties and scarves and pens can be found in the Accessories Corner – with suitable pieces from the existing and new lines being open to personalisation.   
Downstairs is where you will find a vast selection of shoes (my favourite items generally, but when it comes to Vuitton; little else in the whole offering passes me) as well as suiting and shirts – including pieces from Menswear Style Director Kim Jones’ exceptional pieces. Menswear at the moment seems to be getting better and better…

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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