Alligator boat Tote 
A while back, I had the exclusive blog launch of Raymond Hau, the Los Angeles accessories designer, who is a man of understanding particularly of two things; luxury and men. I decided that I wanted to redescover his collection, so enjoy – they are sunning pieces.  He understands that men as much as women enjoy the finer things in life so has launched an incredible and exquisite range of exotic leather goods. Complimenting these pieces is a selection of flamboyant fine mink, raccoon or skunk fur bags, which I think will be picked up by women more so than men. 
Defining the very essences of luxury, every piece is made to order at workshops in the city and New York by European trained master craftsmen under Hau’s supervision. These are superb bags and i-Pad cases in some of the most incredible skins, which here are detailed under each picture. My first reaction to them was heart-stopping followed by a broad smile and even wider eyes because I am in awe of their aesthetic beauty and the high-level of detail. 
Leather shopper with alligator handles

Hair-on calfskin bellows tote
Each piece is spacious and practical – a trait not often associated with luxury accessories – particularly with the i-Pad cases as they incorporate a stand for this years hottest piece of technology. Yet again with practicality in mind, the tote bags are designed for every day use with an interior zipper pocket as well as being fully lined. Individualism to Hau is key also, as each piece can be modified to specification which may be seen as pedantic given the sheer beauty of each case, tote, messenger or brief case.  This sort of service is seen at big-name design houses so it is great to see that, despite cost, an incredible independent designer is offering the same. 
Alligator messenger bag
Pony messenger bag
Black python skin soft briefcase 
 The use of skins such as shark, alligator or lizard may seem unethical to some however Hau sources legally and ethically in the USA. More so now than ever, ethics and sustainability are at the fore of consumers minds so this is a reassuring, and necessary, measure. Hau says, “I’ve always been attracted to objects that are simple, streamlined and fuss-free, I like to let the materials communicate without distractions”. And that he does. 
To view the complete collection, click here

Black shark skin i-pad case
Black ostrich sin i-pad case
Blue crocodile i-pad case 

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