Thursday, 29 November 2012

Mr Porter AW12

Shot on the wonderful country estate of Luggala in County Wicklow in Ireland, Mr Porter captures the cold snap in wonderful rich tones. Looking to combine the traditional elements of country dressing, such as the waxed jacket and chunky knits, it also re-imagines city sillouettes in a casual setting. This is such a warming shoot for the Mr Porter The Journal this week, see below for my favrourite pieces from this selection of shots - more on the site here

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Liberty SS13



Many thanks to the PR and buying team at Liberty for the very dapper gift. 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

McQ Shopping Event


LA Diary: Reyal Fashion

Last Thursday I had a very chilled evening at the BOA Art Gallery celebrating the launch of celebrity fashion stylist and founder of Reyal Fashion, Reinaldo Irizarry's book 'Style Protocol'. The very cool and suave night was a detailed insight to the style guide engineered for the modern man seeking advice and secret standard tips on how to dress well in this cruel and judging world we live in today. Having read the book, it gives a helpful glance into men's fashion and a practical and manageable guide to help the modern man develop and express his own style.

The genius bible, as I like to call it, includes a forward by Kyle Anderson, the highly regarded and respected Accessories Director at Marie Claire. Irizarry's explains, "The indispensable advice in this book will help you gain an understanding of how the different elements of dressing all relate and how you can use them to develop a polished and confident sense of personal style."

The event was clean and stylishly executed with beautiful ladies greeting you on arrival dressed in gold mini dresses layered with sequins and sparkles. On the walls lay white banners with quotes and notes printed from the book and hanging jeans of different lengths and cuts, washes and styles, stitching and colours explaining the different wears, occasions and suitability for different shapes and affairs for the modern man. A simple white t-shirt was hung inside a wooden frame and like a dictionary a plaque next to it making it like a recipe one needed to follow in order to look good! Like every girl, we have our staple garments in our wardrobe and the show room was a visual guide to what should be in a man's I guess.

Clipboards lined in a row showed off folded dress shirts of different shades, shapes and collars. "Once you understand the fundamentals of how a dress shirt should fit, you can tap into patterns to show more of your personality. For instance, gingham and plaid shirts add instant character to your work wardrobe while still remaining classic. In the fall and winter months, reach for muted tones that go well with dark suits, and when the temperature starts to rise, brighten your colour palette as well."

He also goes on to talk about cuffs to shuzz up a shirt. "Personality isn't only in the pattern of your shirt, it's also in the way you wear it. Seemingly insignificant details lime leaving your collar unbuttoned or leaving your cuffs undone can give you a relaxed and sometimes sexy look, while still looking sharp. Of course to do this correctly, you have to make sure the sleeves of your shirt fit just right. The cuffs should hit the hinges of your wrist exposing about half an inch of your shirt past the sleeves of your jacket. Any additional length than that will make your shirt look to big."

And ofcourse, I couldn't agree more! The music that pumped out around us was funky and fresh with beats from the usual suspects remixed with old school retro tunes. What track isn't Rihanna on these days? The drinks were served quirky style with moustache straws and very strong.... Ironic that the vodka was 'healthy vodka' being a new flavour from the popular acai berry. Topped with what must have been a drip of ginger ale or for the skinny clad, tonic, it certainly looked very popular.

I went to The Grove again last week to people watch and look at the pretty lights for Christmas. I took some snaps for you to see just how glorious it is! 

Happy Holidays people!

'Til next time, from LA...Beth

Monday, 26 November 2012

Diesel x YUK shoe

One of the biggest consumer trends for the coming seasons is the sense of nomadism and the desire to switch off and disconnect. We have seen it already in some commercial offerings for this season as well as the increase in isolation hotels and getting away without wifi and phones for the weekend. Adopting this trend is Diesel, with the re-launch of the YUK shoe that became a massive hit in 1993, in the days without the likes of LSoD to write about it but good old my-mates-got-them-so-I-want-some. 

The oversized vulcanised rubber sole, with either red or blue canvas upper, the shoe is being supported with a 2012 update - a social media campaign that will reward users who do not update their social outlets for three days. Switching off really does have its rewards...

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Friday, 23 November 2012

Burton Montague Collection x RCA



Burton has come a long of late, upping its game and engaging with a new brand of consumer who is both savvy and ultimately style conscious. Reaching out to young creative talent has lead them to work with the RCA on a project that gave a student the chance to design a capsule collection and that will make it into stores. Launched last year,  RCA students were tasked to create a capsule collection of 8 outfits for AW12 to sit within the Montague Burton Collection - the premium, heritage driven collection that is enriched within the brands DNA. 

After much deliberation - well, the RCA is not known for its lack of talent - the winner is Liam Hodges, who is now in his second year. His inspiration is taken from the early 1980’s from the Miner’s strike period, sort of a reflection of today's current climate if you look historically. Never the less, yarns and fabrics are all sourced in Britain including - ensuring sustainability for the British woollen industry - a 100% Netherfield wool suit woven in England. Other key pieces of outerwear include details such as oversize square pockets and jumpers with twisted yarns and drop yoke placement knitted prints. Stuffy this is not...

The collection has 24 pieces including casual, suiting, accessories and footwear. The prices range from £25 - £200 and will are available from the Burton website now. 

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Ollie Proudlock x Serge DeNimes

One of the great aspects of research into labels - such as Serge DeNiemes - is that you fall upon information that you had absolutely no idea about. In this instance is that owner and designer of the t-shirt label is one of the stars of Made in Chelsea (despite the area being a previous stomping ground of mine, I have never watched an episode of the hit reality-drama) yet Ollie Proudlock is no typical Sloaney Pony. Quite the contrary. With a very esteemed background in art and the acumen and vision of any house-hold named designer, Ollie has successfully launched Serge DeNimes to much acclaim. With a team of three (Ollie, Tom Gamborg and Libby Robok) at the helm, I first became aware of it after LSoD friend and favourite model Isaac Carew tweeted about modelling for them - so supporting Issac's work, I had to investigate. Whilst many may say this is just another t-shirt brand, the interview below outlines how the brand came alive and developed, but what Ollie doesn't mention is Serge DeNimes charitable angle - 5% of all profits go to BHF, a Brazilian association that provides support for low-income people who live in the Rio De Janeiro community. They have partnered with several projects offering activities such as sports, reading classes, literacy for seniors, technical courses, health, business, arts, language classes, accounting plus many others. Giving back is so important in today's society and global economy, even in BRIC countries where the social divide can be so vast. 

Ollie has also launched an awesome personal style blog, which he talks about below, that is shot daily. With an envialbe wardrobe of some of the best British designers, including Lou Dalton, combined with classic labels such as Levi's - and the odd onesie - it makes for compulsive daily viewing. All of the shots of Ollie are from his blog, where I have chosen some of my favourite over the past couple of weeks. I think Serge DeNiems is a real breath of fresh air into the indie fashion scene, not only for its unique but all utterly wearable pieces (I find some brands have one or two great pieces with the rest missing the mark) but because it is selective about its stockists and brand vision. 

LSoD: Serge DeNimes was founded in 2011, how did you grow and develop the concept? 

Ollie: It started after I finished my art degree at Newcastle in 2010. I returned to London, and wanted to have a break from painting. I have always been into fashion, and decided I wanted to direct my creative side into my own fashion venture. I have always been into denim, which is why I choose the name Serge DeNimes (which refers to the origin of denim), and I plan to later develop the brand into a denim based brand. 

However, I wanted to start with one product that I am familiar with, and do it to the best of my ability. I have always printed my art on t-shirts since I was 16, and therefore it seemed like the perfect place to start. The prints themselves, I wanted to pick images that were bold and involve a subject that I was passionate about. I have always been obsessed with Rio Carnival since I first visited aged 18, and it was my mum's book Carnival in Rio '78 that inspired me to go. The images that my mum took during her 3 years she was there are mesmerising, and they seemed like the perfect starting point. Then came sourcing the tee's themselves, which I wanted to be of the highest quality. 

LSoD: The quality of fabric is integral to the label, was it hard to find a great supplier? 

Ollie: I have been travelling to Porto, Portugal, since I was 13 years old every summer to stay with one of my best friends. As a result I have met many people there over the years, one of whom works very closely with the factories out there. One of the hard things now days in setting up your own fashion label is finding the right factory. You need somewhere that is reliable, can create garments that are consistent in terms of quality, but also whom are willing to do smaller orders. I was lucky that in through my friend out there, I got my foot in the door and managed to find an amazing factory that could create t-shirts as well as prints of the highest quality.

LSoD: Many brands/labels use a standard cotton, why did you feel you wanted to be different? 

Ollie: For me the fabric is one of the most important aspects of a Serge Tee, it is what makes them stand out from the crowd. I chose cotton that is fine and extremely soft. Each tee is individually dyed making every one a unique piece, and then rewashed giving the fabric as well as the print a soft vintage feel. Then once the product was set I built the website with a close friend of mine, and have been building the brand since, stage by stage. It has been an amazing journey, and I am so grateful for all the support along the way.

LSoD: You have a strong background in art; how have you incorporated this into Serge DeNimes?

Ollie: For me fashion and art come very much hand in hand, and therefore it has felt like a very natural development. My artwork has always been conditioned by my immediate surroundings: the chaotic, culturally diverse and volatile urban atmosphere. This is still very much the case with Serge. 

LSoD: You are stocked by some superb international boutiques and stores (including Harrods, Wolf and Badger in London, and The Space in Paris). Why these?

Ollie: I want to be particular with my stockists, to keep the brand exclusive. Therefore I try to pick cool boutiques, and a few larger retailers in and outside of the UK. The brand awareness is getting stronger, and I hope to push to more sotckists worldwide in the new year.

LSoD: You recenetly launched your excellent personal blog, tell LSoD readers about that...

Ollie: Yes, I recently launched my style blog, Proudlock Style. I am often asked about my style and where I shop etc, and therefore thought a style blog could act as a direct insight into the clothes I wear and the brands I love. I upload a new look daily, Monday to Friday. 

LSoD: How would you describe your persoanl style; and what would you pack for a weekend away?

Ollie: I find it hard to define my style, but I would probably say it is casual/low key with a 70’s/ 90’s grunge twist. For a weekend away i would pack: 1 pair of black Diesel Jeans, 2 Serge DeNimes Tees, my APC/NIke trainers, my Diesel boots, my favourite Ralph Lauren Hawaiian shirt, my Ralph Lauren Knit jumper, my vintage Biker Jacket and my Levis Denim Jacket. ( Ha, these our my favourite garms at the moment, so quite precise.)

Serge DeNimes is stocked online (here) and at: Harrods, Joseph Sloane Ave and Wolf & Badger Notting Hill (London, UK); John Anthony (Swindon, UK); Hatters (Norwich, UK); Smudge (West Kirby, UK); Loom (Johannesburg, SA); The Space (Paris, FR) and Eden Rock Shop (St. Barts, French West Indies). 

Polo Shirts

One of the biggest trends across street style, the catwalks around the world and commercial brands for AW12 is the focus onto sportswear - or casual style - with a focus on sportsluxe and the city explorer. Really, it is no surprise that the London 2012 Olympic Games have been a great influence but also so has the resurgence in the 1990s sports looks has been gaining traction from the hippsters of east London. 

As today's consumer roams the city streets in search of his next find, others dream of the grunge era that took place in Portland, Oregon and just about everywhere in California. Fast forward this to the menswear collections in London and New York for SS13 and we can see that this trend is no one-hit-wonder. 

Taking centre stage in this active trend is the polo shirt, with heritage and true sport backgrounds really making their mark. Plain, simple and versatile,  taking a pair of retro running sneakers, the essential chino or slim jean and paired with a great varsity sweater, this makes for an off-duty look that is bang on trend. However, for a more irreverent but equally strong look, the polo shirt can be teamed with separate jacket and trousers or a full, well cut suit for a juxtaposition of styles like no other. Sportsluxe is here to stay and the humble and simple polo is an essential part of this season, and the next. 

This is sponsroed post on behalf of the lovely Handpicked Media. 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sticks and Stones x Black Friday Sale



Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers and fan's in the United States of America. As you also know it is Black Friday this week when all of the sales start, so head over to Sticks and Stones who are a stunning company based out of Portland, Oregon and present an awesome line. The designers used some killer materials in their AW12 collection including fossilised elk antler, recycled Douglas Fir, and early 1900's vintage German porcelain. These pieces are incredible below; these are my definite favourites....

Tuesday, 20 November 2012