Friday, 29 June 2012

Jockey USA Originals Striped Pants

What an image to gree you this morning, but there was no other way, thankfully, to talk about underwear. Who is complaining, I am not, paricually with this shot coming from Jockey underwear. A staple in most guys draws, the leading underwear brand presents its 2012 Spring/Summer collection which is set to be Jockey’s best season yet.

With geometric and striped patterns dominating the underwear world at the moment, Jockey have tapped into that trend head on in the signature all American USA Originals and International Collection. I am quite picky about what I wear; wether it be trunks or briefs but Jockey really has it covered on all angles for comfortable - a key factor - and style. I like the playfulness of these collections without them taking away from the stylishness of the offerings, as there is nothing worse than pants with cartoons on. 

But what is nice about the brand is they are pretty social too; with a huge following on Twitter and Facebook, and embracing affectionardo bloggers such as myself by sponsoring this post. 

Seeing as we are coming up to holiday season, and I will be spending this afternoon on a boat, go nautical with Jockey’s USA Originals East Hampton pair, which are pretty striking and sporty.The range by Jockey, who held its first international catwalk show in London earlier this year - where was my ticket? - demonstrates Jockey’s unmistakable style with playful colours in new look briefs and trunks, pyjamas and loungewear and accessories, available at Debenhams, UK and through the official site. 

Thursday, 28 June 2012

LA Diary: Pocket Change

Casual is the name of the game in LA and Pocket Change is no exception with a great offering here on shirting. Also, who is that boy in the grey and with tattoo's? Pocket Change has a great selection of Los Angelean pieces so check it out. If, like me, you have never heard of the brand, then this is their statement; 

"Pocket Change and pencils, that's all we have to work with! What we do is create clothing for those who love wearing comfortable yet smart button-ups when they are out doing what they do best. What we focus on is proper fit, signature details and catchy tags that complete the shirt and our collection. Pocket Change encourages you to do it your way. We're just here to assist."

How refreshing. 

Swarovski Watches



Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Cocosa Sale: YMC


Who would have thought that one of the hottest brands from the UK would be available up to 55% off on the Cocosa Sale? I am kind of obsessed with You Must Create (or YMC for short) purely because they have a sleek, modern and urban wardrobe offering that transcends from the beginning of the year to the end. Their store in east London is a mecca of carefully designed garments that drive through quality; not only in construction but fabrics too. Granted it is not cheap - when is a great label ever - but this is a great opportunity to get up to 55% off through the Cocosa sale which launches Thursday 28th June at 6am. Early bird catches the worm and all that aside, this is a brand that will fly quickly. 

So my concept here is to take one piece, such as these work shorts and style them three different ways. All these pieces will be in the sale so if you like them, sign up and then start buying from Thursday at Cocosa. The work shorts are a great staple in a chambre cotton - a key fabric for this Spring Summer and also Spring Summer 2013, as I noted from Pitti Uomo last week. 

The first piece is the soft pink jumper in a great summer hue of a pastel shade which is reflects the spiritual trend perfectly we are seeing on the catwalks coming through right now from Milan. It looks structured like neoprene but the quality in fabric means it is great for a summer party that you can dress down for a casual evening at the pub. Plus I just love the zip pocket detail on the chest. The second piece is the wardrobe-staple Club blue striped t-shirt which is something every guy should have in their wardrobe. Why? Because you can wear it to town, to the pub, to a festival or slip over a contrast jacket for a short suit combo for a smarter look. Finally the third option is a striped grey/pink sweater which, worn with the blue work shorts has a retro sports look about it which has been referenced everywhere for this summer, and at the collections showing now. Look below for the bigger pics of the pieces but also how much you could save on a great label. Please note this a sponsored post but I too will be joining in this sale as it would be crazy to miss. 


Last week I was at Pitti Uomo, the trade show for menswear in Florence, where one of the biggest messages was that of Britishness, history and heritage. There is no denying the importance of this during 2012 as it enforces everything great about our fashion credentials as a nation, but also we can throw a damn good party to celebrate. One of those who did just that was Baracuta jackets, or for it's more informal name, the Harrington for the relaunch of the famed and iconic G9. I think this video above represents what is great about it best, so take a look first then read the history and see the great mood board images from the collection. I also have a peak at what went down at the launch in Florence which came about as Baracuta was bought by WP Lavori (owner of Woolwich Woolen Mills etc) and the brand therefore has been given a new lease of life and premium positioning while still being faithful to Baracuta's incredible heritage.

Baracuta was started in 1937by brothers John and Isaac Miller when they began making the original G9 Baracuta at their Chorlton Street factory in Manchester - where it is still made. Both with a hard work ethic, combined with innovation, they were in the heart of the area that borne the industrial revolution and like many who enjoyed the success of this progressive time, they and the city evolved into one of aspiration and upward mobility. A pastime that was exclusively the preserve of the wealthy at that time - who enjoyed the Revolutions success was golf and the Miller brothers themselves aspired to be accomplished golfers, which perhaps influenced the design of the G9. 

By 1950 Baracuta were exporting to USA and preppy guys from the Ivy League colleges picked up on the brand, favouring the G9 due to its adaptable nature, formal yet sporty, athlete meets aesthete. Then in 1954 Elvis wore a G9 in the film King Creole, taking the look to an even wider audience but it was ffamously Frank Sinatra who wore a Baracuta G9. Back in the UK, John Simons’ seminal Ivy Shop in London is quite rightly credited for popularising the G9. The G9 became more widely known as the Harrington jacket when Ryan O’Neal wore a G9 in TV series Peyton Place, in 1964. His character went by the name of Rodney Harrington. While G9 is the original name, the word Harrington was popularised and has continued to this day, almost certainly due to John Simons. The G9 was made more famous by Steve McQueen in the 1968 movie The Thomas Crown Affair. Having appeared on the cover of Life magazine in a G9, Hollywood’s King of Cool became synonymous with the Baracuta Harrington. With the initial seeds of sartorial suave sown, the G9 gained favour in the burgeoning Mod scene.The same mentality existed in a slightly different form in other subcultures, which led to more popularity for the G9 with ska and punk fans. Musicians have continued to pay patronage to the G9, most notably The Clash, who wore Baracuta jackets at their famous Times Square concert in 1981. Other contemporary leading lights to wear the Baracuta G9 have included David Beckham, Daniel Craig and Robert Downey Junior. The Baracuta brand may boast a rich heritage but it is not a heritage brand. 

The launch at the football ground on the outskirts of Florence was amazing as everybody was there, from bloggers to photographers, press and buyers, PR's and friends. The event was outdoors, thankfully, as the day was sweltering even in the 30 degree shade. Being on AstroTurf, you walked into a box at the mid-pitch point that housed the pieces which were launching and were wonderfully lit. As you walked out on to the pitch, there was a bar at each goal end which served prosecco, cocktails and beer whilst waiters walked around with delicious morsels of food that was snapped up immediately. On the outside of the stadium was a massive screen which projected various films and animated graphics whilst British DJ's including Normal Jay, Gilles Peterson, Eddie Piller and Dean Rudland played individually. The great neon flag was great as it was the Union Flag separated over about ten feet centrally down the pitch which also housed seating for the chatty crowed. Superb. 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cartier Tank Anglaise

A TANK IS A TANK IS A TANK IS A TANK IS A TANK - the new Cartier Tank Anglaise 

The Tank watch was created in 1917 out of a vision, a solid concept that was the culmination 
of a lengthy process of deliberation. Here was an instrument for telling the time that completely eschewed tradition, turned custom on its head, brought modern design into the ateliers and  took its place as a quintessential model for watchmaking. 

It was said that “a tank had stormed Cartier”. As it went on to segue between decades and 
straddle the century, this trailblazing watch and its revolutionary form, style and elegance were to pioneer a decisively modern lifestyle. 

 - Cartier 

LA Diary: And so to Germany, the Journey Begins!

So hello there again (with Tom, above) from Germany; a quick week in Berlin with some more amazing male trends from the cool pink 'KNow' Hotel.

We arrive to be greeted by our super driver Peter, who quickly becomes another one of my favourite people on the planet. Not only is he a dashing fellow, he is kind and funny and of course, everyday he arrives with a smash-on-trend taste in fashion.

Here we can see a basic look of jeans and trainers but loving the look of the brightness in colours he opts for. He's the type of chap to want to be looked at! The next day he wears light baggy jeans, standard blue with light grey boxers (obviously) on display reminiscent of those teenage skater days of mine). He adds a white wife beater vest and a wonderful warm, large knit woollen, cross collared jumper, v- neck.

I also have had the great pleasure in meeting our second AD, a really intelligent and outgoing man called Ritchie. In Berlin he took us to some great restaurants to sample real authentic German food. He seems to know everything about anything under the sun and is super.

He always wears patterns with patterns, with his long black hair tied back in a simple low ponytail. He wears army combat trousers with a checked shirt then bright pink t-shirts with electric blue tartan long shorts and open leather boots, crowding his arms with tattoos and fat suede bracelets; life changing reminders of his travels and memories. One day he collected us in linen white trousers with a long brown kaftan robe with his hair flowing down with a full beard; it looked awesome, quite pious.

In this hotel bubble of swirls and curls I found lots more very well dressed men. One guy had bright orange hair, the usual endearing freckles (so handsome!) wearing a bright round neck, green woollen jumper, a pair of rolled up sailing trousers and bright orange espadrilles.

We were recommended to go to a sweet hotel just down from ours to watch the football. We sat in the middle courtyard sipping delicious champagne, mint and elderflower cocktails amongst pretty flowers in jam-jars and a warm atmosphere; the smell of the BBQ floating around us on this jolly and beautiful evening. A couple sat just in front of us; the young man sporting a checked hooded jacket, checked shirt and checked shorts, yes AND a cheeky hat! Too much? Ahem! Topping this 'drawing room curtain' look off, he wore bright orange deck shoes with blue socks! Not your everyday wear and personally I didn't get it but extraordinarily it worked. Who would have thought? Only in Berlin, right?

I am seeing a lot of silk floral, loosely fitting shirts here. Not over sized, just large sleeves and to the belt in length with buttons and a short collar. Pair this with rolled-up pastel coloured jeans, not tight and colourful deck shoes with fun socks and you could be in West Side Story as a cool Jet! 

There was this one really lovely looking man we saw having breakfast. He had long hair on top, a little shorter at the sides, wearing a soft blue denim fabric shirt, buttoned to the top with these really cool beige, low crotched trousers. They were a bit like hareem pants but they had a really cool line of buttons on the derriere-scoop part; sounds weird but it really worked. I think this summer we will see a lot of men wearing this style of trouser. It is just borderline-feminine but has this serious, 'I don't give a shit, I'm cool without trying to be' vibe. Excellent! 

So, this week we are going to a sleepy little east German village, staying in a castle of all places, and I'm not too sure how many people will be under the age of 50; therefore I might be reporting to you on the guys' fashion on out crew, I'm coming for you!

Til, next time, from Berlin (via LA)


Primark AW12

However you feel about Primark, these shots are looking a little sharp for AW12. 

Monday, 25 June 2012

Sebastian Sauvé

Better late than never right? Not just me back to blogging but a birthday interview from Sebastian Sauve, one of the hottest male models around - and an LSoD favourite. After chatting over email since the end of April, I met him on the off chance during the London Collections: Men on Oxford Street and he kindly posed for the pic below. Classic Sebastian - with his skateboard. 

What's your best Birthday memory?
Piñata memories are always winners. Oh and once I blacked out and woke up wearing girls clothes that didn't fit in the rain in the middle of nowhere. I have no idea how it happened.

Why and how did you progress into photography and launching ODDA magazine?
Photography because if I'm going to travel the world and see all these people and places I might as well take the picture and share it. The magazine approached me for my business mind and contacts. Same reasons really.

Best Birthday present?
My birthday suit. My camera. My skateboard

What's the best thing about menswear today?
It's getting interesting. As apposed to it all being the same boring safe crap.

Who would be your dream person you would like to jump out of a giant cake and sing Happy Birthday?
Eddy Murphy, King Tut, Peaches or a monkey in a rage...

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cocosa Sale

It is the season of men's fashion, what with the London Collections: Men and having arrived in Florence for Pitti Uomo last night. But if you could not get your menswear fix from those, then I suggest some bargains of up to 80% off at the Cocosa Sale

It is going live this Wednesday the 20th June, plus all purchases during The Ultimate Summer Clearance have free shipping. What's not to love about this? I was having a look through and spotted some Hardy Amies bits, however I know what Vivienne Westwood, YMC, Raf Simons and Richard James are all involved with this sale. It starts from 6am and is bound to be popular, so get

Oh, this is a sponsored post and I have been asked to promote this sale. But it's so good, you need to know either way - so click and shop! 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Paul Costelloe



Filippa K AW12

When I was in Stockholm, I couldn't get enough of Filippa K, one of the freshest and aesthetically clean brands available over Europe.

This AW12 collection is inspired by a modern way of dressing that sticks to the Swedish look of the ultra-minimal whilst looking at the trend of sports vs the city. On the other hand, it also looks at the utilitarian as well as the world traveller. Exciting times, particularly when the colour range focuses on cold metallic variations of greys and petrol's, graphic black and off white together with a warmer mole.

These stunning images play on that sense of light and dark, a key city influence within fashion and trends, with the photographer Lachlan Bailey capturing some great sunlight, compliementing the styling by Robert Rydberg.

Skullcandy Supreme Sound Launch, Paris


Mama Shelter in Paris is divine; simple, chic and in one of Paris' hottest neighbourhoods - East Paris. But this post isn't about the incredible Mama Pizza's or the most homely lounge/dining room/terrace area in a hotel I have ever been to. No, it is about the Skullcandy Supreme Sound launch in East Paris - where I was a guest - but we did stay here, and yes, I will be staying again.

Back to Skullcandy. When I was invited I asked a colleague about the brand and his response was not favourable but not altogether tragic. The problem that the brand is had, I understand, has been very popular with the cool kids, stemmed from its following with the extreme sport crowed, and sort of lost its away in terms of quality but retained a great sense of aesthetic. It does happen with a lot of brands but often they realise too late and fail too soon, but not Skullcandy. They have recognised this issue and have bought the design and technological development back in house in the USA's Midwest region with Director of Electrical and Acoustical Engineering, Dr Testuro Oishi (pictured below) heading up this re-establishment of authority. 

The explosion in popularity of headphones, particularly those by a certain rapper and producer, have not helped competitor brands. But I asked what made the new Supreme Sound range better than those produced with the second letter of the alphabet emblazoned on them, and the response was simply, quality. Dr Oishi is one of the very few 'golden ears' in the world which means he can establish the perfect sound and pitch through natural aural means, making him a great asset to consumers who, like me, search for the right headphones that combine incredible style and ideal acoustics. 

I was one of three other journalists from the UK - the others being from Clash, Stuff and Shortlist - who were fed and over-watered at the quirky and atmospheric surroundings of the Gallery Madga Danysz in East Paris. I loved the artwork (pictured below) and the food was absolutely delicious - so long as I could chew it. To be honest, it was very warm inside and lovely outside so we decamped onto the pavement where the party was soon being visited by the police due to the level of noise. Not from us, but from tunes by MIM and ENTEK, as well as KHALID and CHOKOLATE - all mixing up hip-hop, dub step and electro. 

Luckily the event was not closed down but we were soon being whisked to Le Nouveau Casino for the Skullcandy Supreme Sound after party (pictured bottom) where the guests drunk over 100 bottles of champagne. I was a little over-champagned so we all headed back to the hotel in search of a cold, French beer. We found - at a little bar opposite - and was joined later by half of the press and Skullcandy team from all over Europe who nursed a few of Paris' best, cold, beers. 

After vowing to get up at 8am and head into Central Paris, which of course didn't happen, we headed to explore the surroundings and have a little lunch before the Eurostar back to London. It couldn't have come sooner as I needed to rest my well partied and over-drunk head however it was done in celebration of supreme sound. 

Enjoy the pictures below and check out the hottest brand ambassadors that any company would be proud to have here, showing that Skullcandy Supreme Sound is not just for the cool kids, but for the best artists too.