Thursday, 31 May 2012

Gentleman's Day Out x Windows Nokia Lumia 900

Some of you may have read about the unfortunate incident I found myself in last weekend, but this was temporally cast aside as I was a guest of Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 900 for the Gent's Experience Day. I would like to say a huge thanks to Paul and Sam for a great day and for accommodating my new found inability to eat or have my face touched (all will be explained) and let me give a talk on social media, blogging and trends in between. We started the morning at The Delaunay on Aldywch to meet the team, have some superb breakfast and give the new phones a go. They only came out a fortnight ago but they have a great user experience for those used to Windows systems, as well as being simple and straight forward whilst being incredibly focused on social media. Oh, the camera is also really great quality; all these shots are from the phone but forgive my often rubbish photography skills. 

From here it was off to Murdoch's in Covent Garden for a wet-shave, something I have always wanted, however I had to opt for a hair, beard and brow trim due to having a fractured jaw. Whilst it was a disappointment, it was great to have a real barber give a traditional maintenance experience; which Aaron from Individualism took a shot of, below, in front of all the great interest pieces on the wall. From Covent Garden and after a quick car ride to Leather Lane in the city, we had a coffee tasting experience at Prufrock Coffee, which was an incredible and educational experience. There is quite the technique to tasting and experiencing coffee, as well as hundreds of different flavours and treatments to get a great quality bean. The cafe is a haven for all coffee lovers, with a great selection of home-made cakes to enjoy with a caffeine fix, but this place is to be savoured, not dropped into like a high street chain. 

By the time I has finished here, I headed over to Kettners in Soho for my talk (nothing to do with the Windows phone experience) but dropped in after with my morning team once again to make my own fragrance. This is quite a complex thing to do however I was guided to a perfect combination of various scents such as Musk, Grass and Balsamic for a masculine but fresh cologne I called Summer Breeze; perfect for a scorching day. 

Give the new Lumia a go; you may be surprised at this new generation of smart phones - and enjoy the pics below. 

A while back I did a competition giveaway for the first Money t-shirt collaboration with an artist - which was a huge sucess for the street wear brand. With that, Money have launched a new artist collaboration, Lowbros x Money Clothing on 1st June with only 100 available to buy. I think the geometric print is a great on trend but also stylised graphic that has that authentic hand-drawn look with some hyper-graphic details.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mr Porter X AESOP

It's about time e-tailer Mr Porter got into grooming; despite the New Gent's growing beards and sartorially blending their hair into a side parting. Launched yesterday, The Dapper Gentleman kit was launched in collaboration with exclusive men-care label Aesop, seen in some of the world's most luxurious and forward-thinking stores worldwide. 

Priced at £106, the kit, which is really handy for travelling as it comes in a hand-luggage flight case, contains Amazing Face Cleanser; Morrocan Neroli Face Serum; Mandarin Hydrating Facial Cream; Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol and Rosehip Seed Lip Cream. 





Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Great news reached me today that British luxury swim and resort wear brand Orlebar Brown, has opened the new flagship store on the corner of Vigo and Sackville Street, London, W1. It carries the Classic, Editions, Sport and Accessory collections as well as the special fifth anniversary Editions in collaboration with Getty Images and the Blue Marine Foundation.

Go visit!

Way Perry x Original Penguin

If you have not heard of Way Perry; where have you been? He is one of the world's hottest stylists and has teamed up with Original Penguin to produce this video above. The video forms part of the Below the Belt series where the brand has collaborated with a host of creatives from all over the world, creating some incredibly vibrant material for the season. Not only is the video bright, exciting and fun, it features Ash Stymest, one of LSoD's favourite male models.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Nik Thakkar x Cloud

Joseph Sinclair

On Monday, I caught up with Jodie Harsh and we talked Cloud, this Friday - the launch of one of London's most revolutionary new club nights. The new night is something fresh for a city, would you believe it, that has seen a lull in exciting nights that have got the town talking. Part of the team is Studio 54-style crowd picker or "Casting Director", Nik Thakkar - one of London's finest cultural tastemakers du jour. Nik has pioneered on major brand campaigns with the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, Von Teese - just to name a few. He also edits the exceptionally cool pop couture blog, KARLISMYUNKLE. Entry to Cloud will be be strictly at his discretion.

Terence Webb 

I caught up with Nik on his top 5 tips for getting beyond the velvet rope:

1. "Look the part" - no matter what club you are going to, presentation is key - make sure you fit the look, adhere to the dress code in advance, and make an effort. Extravagance at Cloud goes down really well and will help guarantee you entry - think biblical performance artist meets couture pop star chic...

2. "Don't rock up wasted" - it's not classy - we love a hot mess, but do it in style. Get drunk inside the party and LEAVE wasted!

3. "Charm is key and know your audience" - stylish people who are already a "friend" of the promoters/Harsh/me will be able to queue jump but so will the person we don't know who's spent all week working on their Cloud outfit.

4. "No photos" - Cloud is a "no-Gogos, no Gaga, no-photo" zone. What happens at Cloud, stays at Cloud. Club night photographers will be politely asked to check their cameras in and refrain from use within the club

5. "Money can't buy exclusivity" - no matter how much cash is waved at the door, if you don't fit the above criteria, then you're not getting in


BOY is such an iconic and achingly cool brand that it was only a matter of time it headed to Los Angeles; doing so this Friday as Freakcity and LA Substance present Club BOY Hollywood.

This event, at Freakcity on 6363 Hollywood Boulevard, is a very excting time in the brand's relaunch after the it was made famous in the 1970's and 1980's, by icons such as Andy Warhol, Boy George, The Pet Shop Boys and Madonna.

Available online or in Selfridges (that's where my BOY is from) in London, BOY has now made a huge resurgence in the States and has been worn by everyone from Rihanna and Nicki Minaj to Randy Jackson on Amercian Idol - and Jessy J has been wearing it whilst filming The Voice in the UK. The club night includes live acts Brooke Candy, Jaws and Blok as well as DJ's, Napolian, Bodyguard and AJ Anglais. This launch event also welcomes a special DJ set from Long x DJ, the two creatives visionaries behind the BOY relaunch and also owners of cult fashion label
Long, who I have blogged about before here.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Jodie Harsh x The Cloud

There is no doubt that the eyes of the world will be on London this year for various events, but sharing that limelight is the creativty and excitment of what the cities most visionary people have to offer. For the past ten years, nightlife has featured heavily in that excitment though whilst publications are now discussing the rise, fall and future of east London, Jodie Harsh (DJ and creator of This Is...Circus) is bringing something fresh to Soho, central London this Friday. I chatted to with Jodie this weekend for  a catch up and to see that this exciting night is all about. 

Hi Jodie, as I type this you are currently No 1 in Spain and Top 10 around Europe with your track with (former Spice Girl) Melanie C; how was the journey to this achievement? 

I had a really great time putting this EP together - it's been loads of fun. The journey was quite long because we first wrote lyrics to the demos just over a year ago, then there was a big gap in the middle because Melanie put her album out and went on tour. It meant that I could go back and revisit the tracks before they were released. They sounded quite different - Set You Free especially, as it didn't have the dubstep or those big dancey chords. I got back into the studio, played the demo and thought, 'Oh my god, we either totally change this track or scrap it'. People seem to like this song the most so I'm glad how it all panned out.

No one can deny the influence of your night Circus within the past 5 years; but tell me about the new night Cloud. 

This Is...Circus is the big daddy - it's six years old now, and becoming a touring brand and will appear at festivals, such as Lovebox on 17th June. CLOUD is the little baby brother - it's back to the weekly roots, with a refined music policy of deep house, the emphasis on dressing up and having a wild time. The door will be quite tight as it's not a huge space in Moonlighting - Nik Thakkar, the nephew of Karl (as in Karl Is My Unkle - the popculture blog) is our casting director and he'll be picking the best looks to get in. We're bringing it back to the studio 54 days. London really needs something buzzy like this - I've been desperate to fill the niche for ages and finally now I have time to do it. I think CLOUD is going to become quite legendary, quite quickly....

Not forgetting your local London roots; you also edited gay scene mag QX magazine this week - will the pages of Esquite be next? 

I've always wanted to edit a magazine, and the guys at QX approached me and asked if I'd take a guest spot for the week. I've read QX on a weekly basis for a decade as it's the London gay club guide, so it was totally relevant to what I do. It was a pretty mad few days because I researched and wrote pretty much two-thirds of the magazine, as well as released the EP and found a venue for CLOUD. I think it may have been my busiest week ever, actually - I barely slept. It was a great experience. My degree was in journalism so I finally put that to use. 

How is this different from Room Service - essentially the hottest night in London? 

Room Service is a totally separate brand. It's a gay party and quite boy-heavy. There's the odd tranny knocking about there too. It's quite a mental little club night, we really pack them into this little space in Soho. I have loads of fun with the boys down there ona Thursday.

Cloud is going to be as close to a religious experience as a guy can get; which fashion icons would be at your (Last) Supper? 

Obviously Madonna, I seem to mention her in every interview I do. Perhaps Donatella and Karl - they seem like fun. And my mates who design, too - Basso and Brooke, Matthew Williamson, Jeremy Scott, Ashley Isham, Charlie Le Mindu, Kim Jones. The Fash-Pack. 

All this stunning art work and photo's are by Tim Bret-Day. Cloud is this Friday 25th May from 10pm, with Kris Di Angelis, Jaime Ritchie and Cathal on the decks, Daniel Lismore, Henry Conway and Kingsley Jordan-Wells hosting and of course, Jodie Harsh as Divine Leader. For more info, follow @thisiscircus or find details on Facebook

Vanity Teen x Romeo and Julian

Last week was not the best out of this year so far, for a number of reasons, however my delivery of the new Vanity Teen magazine perked it up on Friday. It is the blogs first issue, coming in an illustrated brown envelope, in three different formats in one magazine - a 24 page fanzine featuring Nick Hissom by Shirley Yu, Paul and Toby by Cecilie Harris, Cameron Houle by Dario Castillo, an exclusive illustration by Benjamin van Blancke, Boys from Berlin & Barcelona: Paul, Friedrich & Daniel and Thomas does it better. It also has 4 photocards of Pau by editor Sbastien and 1 poster of Thomas Frelinghuysen by Joe Lally sent all the way from Barcelona. If you have never seen the Tumblr or Facebook pages, it is a purely visual delight of the most outstandingly beautiful guys from around Europe. 

All for Euro 10 - helping prop up the ailing ecconomy of various member states - you can not go wrong, plus friends of LSoD are the new Vanity Teen advertising partners; Romeo and Julian. Based in Sitges, just outside Barcelona in Spain, the brand is one of the hottest club labels in Europe - that I will be wearing on holiday in the Spanish resort at the end of July. Scroll down for a few select shots then check the site for the whole offering, as well as the super hott beach bag

Friday, 18 May 2012

YMC x Brady Bags

I utterly adore the aesthetic and designs of YMC. Period. I have a couple of pieces but it seems with this post I will be adding to my collection of You Must Create more in the coming weeks. Brady bags have teamed up with the lable to produce a range of bags which shout quality and craftsmanship - synonymous with YMC’s aesthetic. 

The lady begind Brady bags is Lesley Taylor, who joined the company in 2002, from Mulberry. Lesley introduced new bags into the range and found that the quality values of Brady bags appealled to a much wider audience. What's more is that Brady - and of course YMC - is a British heritage brand, hailing from Birmingham in 1887 by brothers John and Albert Brady. 

Brady moved their manufacturing operations from Halesowen and integrated production with Jeffries Saddlery, using the skills synonymous with the leather industry based in Walsall.  Brady bags continue to be hand-made in Walsall, from best quality canvas, brass components and English bridle leather.

This really is a stunning collection and really well priced so if you are thinking of going away, or just want for a new bag to explore the city, check the YMC x Brady collaboration here

Norman Parkinson at M Shed, Bristol

About a month ago took myself to the very vibrant and artistic city of Bristol, in the south west of England. I had heard of a menswear exhibition at the excellent M Shed but wasn't quite sure what to expect - but upon arrival, it really wasn't anything I was expecting. An Eye for Fashion was quite a large exhibition of Norman Parkinson (above) photographs and was a rate view of over 60 original vintage prints from 1954-1964, mostly from Vogue. It was the first time they were on show in Bristol and was generously loaned by the Angela Williams Archive, Designers of British Fashion, who was his secretary for most of his career. 

M Shed is situated in the harbour area of the city, surrounded by these very brutalist yet oddly stunning cranes. The building is a shed, hence the name, which is set over a number of floors which gives a great view of the city, which I snapped below. Like many exhibitions, there was no photography but I managed to get a few shots because this really worth sharing - plus it is over, so no skimping on the gift shop after! It really is a great achievement for M Shed and Bristol in getting something like this as well as curating it superbly. 

For those that don't know, Norman Parkinson was the innovative yet meticulous photographer who shot top 60s models Celia Hammond, Jean Shrimpton, Grace Coddington and Carmen Dell'Orefice for designers Mary Quant, Susan Small, Jaeger, Daks and Koupy. What I also liked about the fashion element was that they related it back to the 60s Bristol scene and experiences of the decade from locals with a style angle. Very interesting and enjoy the pictures...

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Givenchy Mens Pre-Fall 2012


image courtesy of Givenchy

Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge

The Lacoste polo shirt is one of the world's greatest icons in fashion so it was only natural that the new Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge took inspiration from it. After the first anniversary of the L.12.12 fragrance, they have released this, which is bursting with cinnamon, black pepper and cardamom. Playful, dynamic and exciting - much like the iconic brand. 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

FreeRange - Kerry Woolacott

I think this year, with it being 2012 and all its associated happenings, events such as Free Range, the largest graduate student Art, Design and Fashion show, really will be put in the spot-light. This year, between May 28th and 16th July, the Fashion category opens the event and this years entrants are bound to wow the industry as much as Kerry Woolacott did last year - a guy who cuts the cloth in all the right ways. 

Kerry graduated last year from Somerset University, Taunton achieving a 2:1 grade on the Fashion Design course and had Mark Henderson (Chairman of Savile Row Bespoke Association and Deputy Chairman of Gieves and Hawkes), Cass Stainton of Fox Brothers & Co (Dragon's Den star Deborah Meaden owns the historic Mill), Menswear blogger Homazd Narielwalla as well as other figure heads from Savile Row. 

His menswear catwalk collection has a huge tailoring influence in it hence his connections to Savile Row and bespoke tailoring. Kerry says, 'Classic menswear never dies and neither does style, style is so key to menswear as it doesn't heavily rely on trends as much as womenswear and the tailors and cutters of Savile Row will go as far as saying style never dies. I just love a man in a well fitted, handmade suit individually made for him. He brings his own style to it. A suit is an intricate piece of art that stands the test of time but is not just a suit. So many small details make the suit different to another suit. A lot of people don't understand this, the cut, pockets, lapels, fabric, pattern, lining, buttons, vents, the list goes on'. He goes on to add, 'My other inspiration was the Industrial Revolution...'

...The Industrial Revolution saw a break through in engineering, production, technology and science but these prosperous developments brought out the best and worst in these times. City air was full of smoke, smog and dirt, working conditions extremely dangerous and fatal, children made to work 14 hour days doing hard labouring jobs for a pittance, the gap between rich and poor widened and the sociological balance changed dramatically in this time.

Full of passion, he continues, 'I have chosen to concentrate on the dirty, dark side of the Industrial Revolution and Victorian times rather than looking directly at the clothing of the 18th and 19th Century. There would be no more point in copying and replicating what have already been and recreated many times. The soot on chimney sweepers, the coal from mining and steam trains, grease and oil from railway workers, dirt from builders and general darkness on the streets of Industrial towns. Although I don’t want to copy clothing and uniforms from the era I have tried to put a contemporary twist on each garment and look I have designed, whether it be the cut of the trousers, the different fabric choice of the shirts, modern styling & accessories and fine details and coating traditional fabric in wax to show the concept of my smog ridden menswear collection. As well as designing working class clothing I will sneak in a couple of upper class garments, the type that factory owners and managers overseeing the financial success would have shown off, I feel I must do this to show a sophistication and quality to the collection'. 

On his collection aesthetic, he describes, 'The silhouettes shows a contradiction to the male shape we have seen over the past 5 years consisting of skinny jeans and a feminine look that has been mainstream and over worked, my silhouette shows the masculine form off again. With muscle grabbing long johns that skimmed the body enhancing masculine strength and structure, I have lengthened the body with high waisted trousers with a slightly low crotch, making trouser legs straighter and looser. My jackets are done up high making the jacket flare out, shoulders are softer and relaxed tailoring on the bottom of the jacket from doing the top button up making the jacket flare out. The fine tailoring details really does make a menswear collection. I will be using welt and jetted pockets on all my garments given the work wear outfits a formal touch of sophistication and craftsmanship. Tailoring is a key factor in this collection as this is a personal path I am personally thinking about in my career and to integrate this into my collection could open up many doors for me. The tailoring will give it the soft luxury touch it needs so it doesn’t end up looking like an actual badly made work wear collection'. 

But what about the designer and his signature? 'As I am an individual as a designer I will want to show my personality but I am still investigating my career options after my collection is shown, there is this futuristic side to me that wants to push menswear giving it a fresh look and bringing new ideas to menswear but I personally love classic menswear. The classic cut bespoke tailored jackets and overcoats, fine details and traditional looks and fabrics that never die or go out of trend. Tailoring is an option for me as I love a gentlemen dressed in a well fitted suit that oozes style and class, I feel bespoke tailoring is a skill that few could accomplish and no one can recreate using a sewing machine. Timeless. Ready to Wear menswear has its benefits to opening up and climbing a larger business ladder than tailoring. I could go further once I get my foot in the door, I could end up doing more and different things I didn’t realise I would want to do in Fashion Design. Designing a look and seeing it on sale would make me feel great and want to push me more at designing cool clothing for men. I do worry though that tailoring could limit my creativity in design and adventure and will leave me just making other peoples ideal looks for the rest of my career. There is the idea of fusing the two of them together designing bespoke menswear or ‘Bespoke Couture’ as Ozwald Boateng has created. Fashion is a dirty word in tailoring and fashionistas could never hope to achieve a look and feel a bespoke tailored suit possesses. Fashion goes in and out of trend but bespoke style in everlasting and doesn’t rely on trends to sell'. 

I wanted to know what labels and designers made him tick, and well as cultural highlights - his response was less the usual stock answer of a generation of designers. 'Savile Row, Dries Van Noten plays a huge part in my inspiration. Dior Homme I love and Ann Demeulemeester, Lanvin and Jil Sander. On a more affordable level, I guess I like All Saints. Arena Homme + and GQ Style are my favourite menswear magazines, I also read Another Man magazine from time to time. As for Art, I think Cubism and Mark Rothko are amazing.

What has Kerry been doing since such as storming reception at Free Range? 'Since the show I have been teaching part-time at my old college on the course I used to attend BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design/Fashion, teaching 16-19 years of age. I have been writing for a Devon based wedding magazine as the menswear columnist and I have been the window dresser and the suit alteration guy for a well known Arcadia group store. On top of this I make suits for men down in Devon (currently working on 2 wedding suits) - all this waiting for my dream job, an tailoring apprenticeship in Savile Row, where I will be starting an apprenticeship in Savile Row in December'.