As the growth of menswear rose, it was a mater of time before menswear stores become highly curated artistic spaces that makes the fittings a primary feature of the shop. LSoD favourite Percival have broken the boundaries of store vs gallery to install a special rug in its new Berwick Street store in London, W1. 
The Sculpture House have collaborated with Percival on a specially commissioned artist-designed piece set into the shop floor. It is a curious work in concrete, crafted in a British workshop in a design that mimics a Persian rug. It is seen as a happy fit for the store in its exploration of the contact between heritage and innovation through use of material and function. This really is a great reason to head to the newly opened store, however culturally, this Concrete Rug by Alex Chinneck for The Sculpture House is an indication of future lifestyle trends to come.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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