I was researching the growth of menswear yesterday for a project and it is clear that there is a fever surrounding high to luxury goods as well as tailoring. With this in mind, this Berlin-based premium lifestyle and fashion brand Patrick Hellmann Collection has launched its first UK store in St James Street, London, SW1. Already dubbed Germany’s answer to Tom Ford (a bold but not too unflattering statement) just the shots here show the decadence and quality of fabrics that designer and founder Patrick Hellman uses. 
Patrick Hellmann collection’s design concept unites classic cuts with a modern expression of extravagance without being garish or ostentatious. With the the collection including occasion wear, suits, shirts, coats, jackets, accessories and shoes, the consumer trend for a one-stop-shop is encapsulated here. 
I very rarely get excited about new tailoring brands, because I do see the market as over saturated and, often, offering a lesser quality than expected or promised – but this is bucking my knee-jerk expectations.

Written by Danhasbyoliver


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