So I took myself, with my plus one, the gorgeous Jenna to Hollywood and Highland last week to the opening of the new flagship store for Chilli Beans. The funky fresh brand is the largest Brazilian chain of sunglasses and accessories. In their own words they are provocative, spicy and involving, having a huge selection of new designs on sale every week, making it so easy for new ways to compose and change an outfit.
On arrival we were met by the stores young and zazzy managers, (yep, the guy with me here, that is his real hair, not a wig!) who let us try on nearly every pair of incredibly fun and vibrant shades. Ranging from the classic aviator to their take on the popular Ray-Ban frame and the uber big Victoria Beckham glasses, which are always good to have a pair of these for driving and those early morning meetings. We both got to take a pair home – Jenna a pair of black framed aviators and me; well I have so many so my pair are not my usual choice. Super on trend, straight from the catwalk, I opted for a very pale orange frame with a thin bone on the side arms. Such a cool design and a bit daring but I’m trying to create different styles at the moment. Check out my leather outfit! It’s actually a mini skirt with a jumper but here it looks like I have just stepped off the stage at Top of The Pops as one of Lulu’s backing singers!

The scorchin’ brand offer their products both to men and women with a vast range of colours, textures and shades. I love the way that in every different style, there were four or five colours of the frames and lenses to choose from. Also having the choice of maybe a mirror effect on the lens, clear or prescription, or even a blue/ purple colour was inventive and it was hard not to pick at least five pairs to suit different outfits and looks for my day! Being out here in the sun everyday (I know I’m sorry, I have heard it’s quite chilly back in the UK!) I don’t leave the house without at least two pairs if not more. A driving pair; at the restaurant pair; the shopping pair (depending on where there are also at least three types for this!) and not forgetting the “I’m not wearing any make-up” pair, that cover my whole face practically…

They also do a really exotic range of watches pictured above. I love the matt Rolex type and the retro rubber ones which remind me of cassettes! Kind of geeky meets Fresh Prince cool.
At the weekend I had lunch at one of my favourite restaurants in Abbott Kinney called Gjelina’s. They do the scrummiest fresh sandwiches and salads all from local organic produce. We wandered the lovely quaint but expensive main shopping street in the blazing heat, popping into quirky gift and arty stores filled with those really pointless things one simply has to buy and never knows where to put! They have some amazing shabby chic furniture places mixed with really funky wooden contemporary pieces. 

After dreaming of what I would buy and put in my Beverly Hills mansion one day, we came to this wonderful store, WILL Leather Goods. The recently opened flagship, this bags and belts shop oozes that yummy dark leather smell as you walk by the rich beamed almost barn like space. The layout is wide and fresh and homey showing off their wonderfully and delicately crafted produce. The wide selection of beach bags and satchels to wallets and aprons is colourful and transforming, keeping that traditional cowboy type theme but with an edgy modern day twist. Bright colours teamed with the original leather browns and blacks and suede’s make this brand a popular choice in California, especially the beach goers and surf community. You pay a steep price but for something that will last forever and only get better with age and wear and tear. Delish! 
Earlier that week, I took myself and a very hot friend of mine, (featured last week!) to a swanky Beverly Hills mansion for a sneak peak at a new range of three quarter length shirts by Alexander Paul.  The house was insane with spiral staircases and huge rooms decked out with massive paintings and shiny chandeliers but the collection wasn’t really anything to write home about I am afraid. You know it’s not really my style to slate something and I can see the concept behind a man’s shirt having a shorter sleeve but really….will it sell? We all know a good crisp shirt, rolled up to the elbow on a guy is far sexier than one just shortened for the same effect right? I don’t really see the point when you can have a long sleeved shirt with nice cuff links for smart wear then roll up when it’s more hands on or hot – and also it just looked like a ladies shirt if I am being brutal! I also wasn’t totally impressed with the range that was on show. There was only one short hanging wrack with maybe 15 shirts on it to inspect. And the range of colours and patterns wasn’t exactly jaw dropping either. At least have quirky buttons or maybe a different edge on the stitching perhaps? I took some pics so have a peep and see what you think.

So now Halloween is over and done we are now preparing for Thanksgiving and I am already dusting off my Christmas decorations. I know way too early but coming from a household that only put theirs up on Christmas Eve but I feel it’s only right to start ridiculously early in honour of all the days missed. Speaking of Halloween, I went off to the Maroon 5 bash held at the Forever Cemetery in Hollywood. Dressed as my sexy cow…..even though I did wear three pairs of socks for my glamour style boobs! I trundled off to what was a a packed venue in the theme of a carnival. We munched on In and Out burgers and sipped on Patron wandering between everyone from Alice in Wonderland to a guy dressed as Hitler….crikey moses! Although it was a magnificent set up, and we saw a few famous faces, well, The Saturdays, it felt a bit strange and inappropriate to be partying next to dead people and seeing empty glasses on mausoleums We left after an hour! Turning thirty in January is obviously having an effect on my partying!
So until next year cow onesy, pumpkins and ghoul’s. Bring on the Christmas parties I guess! 

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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