Not only is it that time of year again for the, now highly popular, John Lewis Christmas advert but also for the Autumn Winter drop of the Joe Casley-Hayford collaboration collection. I have seen the past collections in store numerous times and I am always struck at how Casely-Hayford’s strong design aesthetic translates to a more conservative market, without loosing any principals. 
Now in its sixth season, the collection is influenced by counter culture of the 1950s such as early English Rock ‘n’ Roll, the Ace Café and The 59 Club – a fresh take on the slight Edwardian trend we have been seeing lately. Similarly, the collection takes mid-20th century influences and translates them for 21st century audience without being influenced by fast-fashion or overtly fashion conscious detailing. Just spot on really…
The Autumn Winter 2012 collection continues both the label and John Lewis’ ethos of celebrating classic design with a series of collaborations with some of Britain’s finest heritage manufacturers. Collaborators for this season will include heritage manufacturers, such as Barbour, Liberty, Cooper and Stollbrand and Abraham Moon alongside a new collaboration for this collection with London-based manufacturer, Gloverall – with the duffel coat below.
I think there are some great looks in this collection, accentuated by the key pieces that strengthen the collaboration even more. The offering is on the website now – I will be considering introducing the Dove Shirt (top) into my wardrobe however to get the full effect, it will be fully done up. Another season well done I think…

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These are interesting pieces. It's the first time that I am seeing some of these clothes from this designer and I like what I see.

The jackets are masculine and give an impression of strength that is really a pleasure to look at. Sometimes with more unisex designs that aspect is missing. They don't come across with those hard lines that are visible in these jackets.

At the same time, you can tell that whoever is wearing these pieces has an appreciation for softer things. The fabrics are comfortable and should be appealing to touch.


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