Thursday, 1 November 2012

1 Direction x British Vogue

Wow! The hair; the jackets; the entire shoot. Breaking every mould in the book, 1 Direction have been shot by esteemed photographer Partick Demarchelier for Novembers British Vogue, with it currently causing quite a stir on Twitter right now. With the customised varsity bomber jackets by Rugby Ralph Lauren - each with a personalised initial sewn of the breast of each cream and navy jacket - the teen sensations are redefining how fashion and music come together in a way never seen before. What ever your view on 1 Direction, it is quite an achievement to be shot for Vogue and Demarchelier before the age of 25 - well done boys. See some more shots and a commentary by Edie Campbell here...

Images courtesy of Vogue UK/Vogue UK Twitter.

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  1. Definitely WOW!! Loved the jackets.. Wanna snatch up few of them :-) .. Very happening stylish clothes to have..