Last summer, I misplaced my Ray Ban Wayfarers in either a) Balans Cafe, b) an Addison Lee car or c) somewhere else between Bond Street and Soho. I had quite an attachment to them as they were a rare pair in tortoise shell that I have not found since to replace them. Therein lies a problem, because a great pair of sunglasses can be lost and you are out of pocket yet a cheap pair look awful. A serious fashion boy problem, no? But this is where Pret a Voir steps in. 
Pret a Voir is an online emporium stockist of one of the largest selections of sunglasses (and glasses) I have ever come across online. Hailing from the Glasgow area of Scotland, Pret a Voir, after a few Google searches, have one of the best reputations in customer service, expertise and knowledge in their field. Review after review, comment after comment shows that the business does not do bad service. From my count, they offer over 60 premium brands of eye wear including my choice Tom Ford. 
Lusting after their eye wear since the loss of the Ray Ban’s, the Tom Ford Snowden Sunglasses Havana Tortoise Shell pair are just stunning and are formed of the Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses as well as those from Persol sunglasses. Like the Tom Ford aesthetic, they just scream quality and style. The over all collection contains some pieces that are vintage inspired but they are all utterly exquisite and boast sinuous curves and delicate detail. The luxurious designs incorporate a contemporary, modern twist and are perfect for the style conscious and provide pieces to cater for those who wish to make a subtle or bold statement. The iconic frames are a magnificent fusion of fashion and practicality and effortlessly decorate any face flawlessly.
Ideal in every-way – and I highly reccomend you look at Pret a Voir – and enjoy the shots I took. 

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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