Better late than never right? Not just me back to blogging but a birthday interview from Sebastian Sauve, one of the hottest male models around – and an LSoD favourite. After chatting over email since the end of April, I met him on the off chance during the London Collections: Men on Oxford Street and he kindly posed for the pic below. Classic Sebastian – with his skateboard. 
What’s your best Birthday memory?
Piñata memories are always winners. Oh and once I blacked out and woke up wearing girls clothes that didn’t fit in the rain in the middle of nowhere. I have no idea how it happened.
Why and how did you progress into photography and launching ODDA magazine?
Photography because if I’m going to travel the world and see all these people and places I might as well take the picture and share it. The magazine approached me for my business mind and contacts. Same reasons really.

Best Birthday present?
My birthday suit. My camera. My skateboard
What’s the best thing about menswear today?
It’s getting interesting. As apposed to it all being the same boring safe crap.
Who would be your dream person you would like to jump out of a giant cake and sing Happy Birthday?
Eddy Murphy, King Tut, Peaches or a monkey in a rage…

Written by Danhasbyoliver


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