On a warm evening last week, Tom and I attended the quirky art exhibition ‘Snaps’ at the Andaz Hotel on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. Alan Cumming was the talented artist and host, creating wonderful snap shots of his journey from his crazy life. The room buzzed with energy from the likes of Jackie Collins to Missy Pyle, taking in the moody photographs and their back stories.
Alan is a charming and kind man with a fabulous light hearted air about him that attracts everyone he is near like a moth to a flame. He is outrageous in his tone and fashion daring to wear a sleeveless white shirt with collar and bow tie, with a subtle tweed suit (darhhhling!). 
His work was memorable and enchanting with shots taken from late drunken parties, to a horrified P-Diddy looking stunned at the prospect of Alan ‘doing’ him, to Alan’s best friend, his rescue dog.
What I loved about this exhibition was that beside every shot was an explanation and detailed description of where Alan was at the time of taking the pic, how he felt and what his inspiration was. It gave me a chance to form my own story then the true story. It really captured a sense of connection to the photo which I could now explore with my emotions on a deeper level knowing my own view and that of the artist. He is honest and calm in his manner but completely over the top in gesture and language which he expresses in his choices of bright colours, make-up and eccentricity in his fashion.
The night was a casual one with Alan’s close friends so the men were mostly in jeans and suit jackets and trainers. There was a sweet man (who adored having his pic taken) sporting a yellow leather jacket and simple skinny jeans. Adding a 1950’s hair-do and red patterned shirt added texture and suave to the overall look.
Below we see an unusual take on the classic working jacket. I really liked this blazer; the guy wasn’t bad either! Instead of the normal tan or dark brown leather used for the elbow pads, these were bright white on a navy blue jacket. I think the worn orangey boots rock this outfit making it classy, dapper and effortlessly cool. 
We are off to the 13th Anniversary of Nylon magazine tonight hosted by Freida Pinto and Marvin Scott Jarrett so I shall keep you posted on more of the men’s trends out here. It’s getting hot in Los Angeles so I’m predicting lots of skinny shorts and short sleeved pastel coloured shirts teamed with laced pumps and Ray-Bans! 
Til next time, from LA…
P.S  – Note for the week- ‘Pop on or purchase something brighter than what you would usually wear. The brighter the better so be daring and shine in neon greens, pinks or yellows. I promise it will brighten up not only yours but everyone’s day around you.’ 

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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