When Cartier email and say, ‘Spread the word on our new mini-film’, it is quite hard to say no. However, had they not asked, it would have been very hard not to share these stunning images of Paris by day and night – plus, how often do you see a panther atop a roof looking towards a vintage plane? 

On 4 March 2012, Cartier will unveil ‘L’Odyssée de Cartier’, a three and a half minute film that took two years to make, involving a team of fifty people from around the world. In what seems to be an advert for a new fragrance, the company’s mascot, the panther, is seen looking towards one of the first planes flying over central Paris towards the Eiffel Tower. 
But in this intriguing and sumptuous looking film, L’Odyssée de Cartier recounts an ongoing legend suffused with over 160 years of history. The emblematic creature goes on an imaginary voyage, between dream and reality – an over history by the looks of the vintage plane and the modern street below – leaving its mark on the continents that have enriched Cartier’s style. 
Take a look at the stills below and see the exclusive screening on the Cartier Facebook on 2nd March, on odyssee.cartier.com from the 4th and on ITV, SKY, Five (channel 5) and Film 4 between the 4th and 18th, with another week being extended at cinema’s around London. 

The animal became the mascot early on in Cartier’s history as Louis Cartier’s creative partner was nicknamed ‘The panther’, with the feline motif a tribute to devastating seduction, mysterious beauty and untamed character. Fantasy and reality – what an incredible start to the year. 

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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