Combine one of the UK’s most respected tailors, Timothy Everest, and one of the world’s most famed British cycling saddle and accessories company’s, Brooks, what do you get? This stunning jacket, above. 
Made in London, the jacket boasts a wealth of cycle-centric features – wide front closure for wind and rain protection, large bellow pockets, a shooting back for ease, reflective strips for visibility, fitted wool rib inner cuff for hand protection – and bespoke flourishes, such as its Boultbee-signature tweed lining and hand-treated copper finish. Not a bit of cycle rage or a slightly chaffing bit of Lycra in sight – fantastic. 

What’s more, Timothy Everest and Brooks are taking their partnership forward with the presentation of the Elder St and the Blackwell. With London hosting the 2012 Olympics, and the eyes of the world on the British cycling team, interest in everything that includes two wheels will be rife, so this partnership comes at no better time. 

Written by Danhasbyoliver


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