The Bright Young Things project last year got me very excited but somehow it has even more so this year, perhaps because the menswear talent is quite incredible. I blogged about the menswear BYT last week and decided to take a wander up to Selfridges to take a look at the windows each designer has curated themselves, with full reign of the visual edge they have given it. The exposure that each designer and participant is getting can not be underestimated as hundreds of thousands of people will walk past these over the course of the project. 
I did take a look inside to both the men’s and women’s pop up stores, situated in their respective departments, and the simple wooden framed structures that the clothes hang from are a subtle but sleek way to display the pieces. Talking of pieces, looking at the menswear bits, the prices are well, a little more than you may have expected but from past experience, nothing lasts long in Selfridges, particularly when it is limited edition. It just means I will not be buying anything for London Fashion Week, or well, ever from this offering. 
As I say, the windows are a great opportunity for the designers to get some incredible exposure but with so many people passing on a Saturday you will have to excuse the shots of police van’s and people in the reflection. If you get a chance to go and see the windows, do, as they are a work of art themselves and reflect the designers and their pieces perfectly. 

The window from menswear and accessories designer T-Lipop is great, taking the notion of travel with a pure white vision. In the window is a fantastically soft suede rucksack which is available to buy in the store however just these two pieces are online to buy. 

Alex Mattsson did his window perfectly, and interestingly looked at travel too, but added a lot more colour with the crystal-like perspex angular boxes. Some of his pieces online are a great way to dip into this visionary designer, with caps, vests and shorts not that expensive. 

Astrid Andersen themed her window on Duke Street with a mix of basketball with what seems like an LA sunset beach and over sized cut-outs of jewelled animals. The pieces available in store and online include intricate lace on vests – which I am considering getting whether I eat or not for the next month – and an inexpensive New Era cap, which has been customised with lace. 

William Richard Green went for a more illustrated, dreamy yet monochrome vision with the aid of illustrator Martin Wollerstam who drew a study/office scene and incorporated some of Green’s polka dots into the mix, which you can see here online. 

I was told, by Brad, that Shaun Samson didn’t have a window but he did, and this is it – a brightly coloured display that reflects Mexican heritage with his surname spelt out in crepe paper pinatas. Really cute and probably my favourite because it has a great sense of fun plus his pieces really stand out on the menswear floor pop-up shop as well as online

Bottom photo by Susie Style Bubble.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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