Last week I had a wonderful email from Politburo, a label based in Italy that struck me as being very revolutionary in a traditional sense.  Politburo (une révolution couturielle) was born in 2011 in a small town neighboring to Venice by a 30 years old guy – a mysterious figure who’s name is not publicised –  fascinated by the beauty of fabrics that have a story and by the traditional Italian tailoring craftsmanship that is iconic around the world.
After different years working for the YSL and LVMH, he realised that often luxury product are soulless, developed on the basis of price and marketing strategies rather than on research and originality. Sometimes this can be true, however a lot of companies are built on originality and authenticity, yet often lose their way. 
The Politburo brand is a reaction to this standardisation and it is as an open resistance to the current dogma of cheaply made products that they see having a very finite life span yet are still very expensive.

Politburo believes in a menswear defying categorisations and so they are an outspoken fan of garments that express diversity and constant sense of sartorial evolution and, as I mentioned before, revolution. They see clothes and accessories very much designed for how we live now, but in an inspired and unconventional way which is refreshing to say the least.
Politburo believes in superior quality which is a a concept of quality not only conceived by an original design, but also by the choice of materials and production techniques. Their rrespect for craftsmanship is a key value for Politburo, – and many Italian producers of luxury goods – which means that handing down the Italian textile and tailoring tradition is a priority. They further believe that it is still possible to offer a handmade product, entirely created from start to finish in Italy with the best materials, at a reasonable price. This is possible having a direct relationship with clients, through online direct sales and a continuous dialog through the social media. They contacted me directly which is a fantastic touch and should be done more often, though I am not encouraging Tom Ford to ping me off an email any time soon…!


The brand produces some seriously beautiful pieces, such as the jacket below, as well a stunning quilted wool jacket, and they believe that menswear design can reach its full potential only if created with the right materials. That’s why Politburo is so into great, luxe fabrics, leathers and metals and Politburo has ffabrics are exclusively made by Lane Bottoli who’s factory originates from 1861 and celebrates the extraordinary Italian textile tradition, manufacturing some of the world gorgeous fabrics. Lane Bottoli oversees each step of the whole production process, from washing the undressed wool flock to the delivery of the finished fabrics – all exclusively and proudly made in Italy. Politburo develops its special fabrics by mixing the rarest and most luxurious fibers: alpaca, cashmere, silk, flax. These lovely hand high quality fabrics are produced in limited editions because Politburo wants to keep each product almost unique all around the world.

Politburo VERY kindly sent me this package, which arrived this morning all the way from Italy. The belt is a blue with burnt red stripes completed with a Rhodoid buckle, which looks like bone, and a wool tie in the same design wool fabric. Thank you so much to the mysterious 30 year old guy for the incredible gift, but as you may agree, this is one stunning brand…


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