The level of graduate talent this year, I think, is incredible and not just from menswear designers but jewellery ones also. This is true of Kasia Piechocka who is a recent graduate of Central St Martins in London and is tipped to be one of the most up-and-coming designers of 2012. 
Kasia does not see her jewellery as having any gender or market which is unusual for a graduate designer who is almost made to have a target client. She believes her works suits male, female, young and old alike which is refreshing and shows that she is confident in her own creativity yet can be seen as misguided. She states that she, “simply designs jewellery for people who desire to add a touch of luxury into their look”.  That answers that preconception…
Known for her attention to detail, technical ability and innovative approach to the subject, Kasia often transforms subjects seen as controversial or vulgar into an unexpected and glamorous light. Carving her way into the exquisite world of fine jewellery, sharp, streamline and coherent shapes are steadily becoming a signature of this promising young designer. 
The pieces are absolutly stunning, simple and available to view and purchase at 

Written by Danhasbyoliver



Trendy and hip clothing and complimenting jewellery is the flavour of the people these days. Like this prone world fashion study has turned into a major topic of the art schools. Your jewelry designs are so fashionable that everyone will love these designs.


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