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This is the third ‘world blog exclusive’ this month, showing you the launch of an incredible new sunglasses and t-shirt brand, Proof. Hailing from Boise, Idaho in the USA – which Proof say is the most underrated city in the States – the brand was started by the three Dame brothers early last year, one being Brookes who sent me through the images. Whilst I have seen other manufactures produce many wood effect sunglasses, I have only seen a about two others who produce actual wood ones. What’s more they are 100% UVA protected and come with polarized, non-polarized and mirrored lenses. 
Whilst the trend for ethical and natural garments, accessories and shoes continues through to this spring and next season – as well as rising in popularity too – these are some incredible pieces of eyewear. Made from sustainably harvested wood sources, Proof uses Zebra, Ebony and Bamboo woods yet this too is humane as they only use 6cm diameter pieces rather than the 1cm shoots that Panda’s prefer. I think their use of these particular woods is great because you can see the ranges of grain detail in the frames according to their wood type. 

 With three men’s, or unisex, models (with one women’s style) using this incredibly ethical and ingenious medium, Proof extend their commitment to good causes. Unlike most brands or companies that donate a proportion eg. 5p in every pound to varied causes, Proof gives a large proportion to focused organizations. Located in India, clinics supported by Proof are at the receiving end of money that enables them to treat people with sight-giving operations to those who can not usually afford it. An eyewear company supporting a cause that gives a sense that we take for granted is not only touching but admirable. Not to get too political, but with an affluent economy, progressing industries and great prospects on the World Stage, it should be the Indian government funding such projects, not American based businesses. 

Proof have received a lot of buzz with their concept even before the launch online today and are looking forward to setting up bricks and mortar stores in the near future. Their other edge to the company is t-shirts, below, which also have a charitable message behind them – as well as being within the printed trend for spring summer 2011. The great print of guns that form the word ‘love’ is in support of child rehabilitation clinics in Africa and the native American print supporting their reservations in the States. These simplistic and highly wearable pieces have a distinct American aesthetic to them yet translate to European street styles and looks.  

To shop the collection or find out more about check out their website, I Want Proof

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