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During the Christmas period, I met up with a friend for festive drinks and to hear about his move from the Links of London press office to an independent PR agency. No sooner had I sat down, I cooed and lusted with delight at his skull bracelet, above, on his wrist. It is part of the spring summer 2011 collection of friendship bracelets – now a signature piece and integral part of the jewelry company. 
Originally a Native American tradition with a focus on Central American settlements, the giving and swapping of woven bracelets was a sign of friendship and affection. The idea was that the maker ‘paid’ for it with the love and thought that went into it, where as the recipient honored that love and thought. Removing the bracelet was a sign that the friendship had gone sour but another story is that it was tied with a wish and that wish comes true once it naturally falls off. 
silver and black with grey bracelet 

Links have been producing these bracelets since 2009, having seen most of them bought to wear personally and why wouldn’t you? The mix of fabric on sterling silver is a delicate and stylized one that is distinctive and desirable. Their popularity have, inevitably, spawned many imitations and fakes however like most counterfeits, do not have the same feel, personally and ergonomically, than an original Links of London piece. 
The skull bracelet reminds me of the Vanities carved skull with rag pieces I saw in Paris a year or two back, however they are not as substantial as these. The skull trend began in 2006 with the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean film, which then spawned the trend we know now – with Alexander McQueen’s iconic print in between. Yet there is something less trend lead about this piece because of the simplicity of the design as well as the unobtrusive nature of the crafted skulls. 

 heart and clover bracelet 

Olympic and paralympic bracelets 

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