Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Bloggers Christmas Wish List: The FAD

My ninth and final blogger to share their Christmas wish list is Hunter Cordell, who has the sleek blog The FAD which looks at fashion, art and design, from which the site takes its name. Based in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex area of North Texas, Hunter is a recent graphics graduate of UNT, who incorporates his love of fashion, usually Alexander McQueen, into his ink, screen printed and computer generated illustrations. Whilst Hunter sees a lot of inspiration and looks towards women's fashion The FAD usually focuses on unisex and menswear, with a focus on shoes and jewelry. 

Take a look and you can even start your own FAD. 

I know, it's an oldie...  BUT it's definitely a goodie.  The frame is designed so that the lenses are easily interchangeable... and I think this frame would make an exceptional housing for  clear prescription lenses.

I've wanted this bag since its arrival on the LouisV web site... but i've never seen it "in stock" online and the only time I've seen it in person is at a trunk show and some one else purchased it. 

Does this really need an explanation?

I've been following the work of the secretive English street artist team, The Toaster, for a little over two years now... and I became an even bigger fan when they started producing screen prints available through online print galleries.  My favorite gallery right now is NellyDuff where I found this print... and fell in love. 

The color palette of my apartment is black, white and grey.  I've been looking for the perfect piece to give it a subtle pop of color.  I came across an entire dining set of these chairs at the Nasher Sculpture Center store and couldn't get my eyes of them.  As a single chair, it's the perfect statement piece that's playful enough to not hog the spotlight of all the other pieces in your flat space.  I am particularly in love with this subway sign design. 

Monday, 20 December 2010

Bloggers Christmas Wish List: Male-Mode

My eight blogger to share their Christmas wish list is Cillian of Male-Mode, a Dublin based blog which I consider to be the most notable, most influential and well, best in Ireland.
Cillian writes about some of the stylish and important fashion and cultural happenings and developments in menswear that often escapes other bloggers. His writing is informed, powerful and personable with a great amount of humor as well as great images, making Male-Mode a top read.

My recently stolen Dexter Wong for Topman LENS donkey jacket: cloakrooms are there for a reason. I've learned my lesson the hard way. Er...Twice.

I've developed a bit of an obsession with sailors of late - from the Gaultier 'Le Male' icons to the rugged outerwear of fishermen to Pierre et Gilles' thoroughly gay portraits. Having never read any Genet, I think this could make a good start. BUTT Magazine recommended it, too, which I think, is reason enough.

Because my Twitter addiction has reached that stage.

I could say something about this, but I feel that'd just be taking from your oogling time. Oops.

Named after one of my favourite novelists, and coming in the most versatile, and longevity-guaranteeing colour combination (black and white), these are undoubtedly my footwear-related Christmas want.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Bloggers Christmas Wish List: For Your Satisfashion

My seventh blogger to share their Christmas wish list is Jay from For Your Satisfashion who lives in Toronto, Canada. This fierce, sassy and luxe fiendish blogger has an enviable collection of, and unhealthy passion for, Hermes goodies which just makes me like Jay more. His blog is a part diary of his outings to the hottest Toronto events, meetings, press days and parties and part focus on super hott pieces from male, female and unisex mainstream designers. His style is very androgynous in my eyes, mixing base monotone colors with splashes of color in accessories, such as his divine silver Alexander McQueen scarf. Wether you are a label affectionardo or a vintage lover, Jay's blog is worth reading.

Its been over a year now I've tried finding these boots. Alexander Wang made the coolest creeper shoe and I wasn't able to get it in my size. Oh father Christmas how much do you love me!?

This is the ultimate bag, the ultimate briefcase and one of the ultimate statement makers. The luxury and character this bag ads to any outfit is undeniable. I love!

I love anything with studs so its only right that these shoes be a part of my wardrobe! The simple shape with the extreme aesthetic makes these babies total forever shoes! Now or 5 years today these things will be hot!

Every fashionisto needs his man clutch, the SGH Balenciaga oversized envelope clutch is the perfect piece to have precisely placed just under the arm. 

Although I already have one, one is just not enough! The texture of the black lizard Collier De Chien is unforgettable and the rich look of the lizard against the palladium hardware is the perfect balance of edgy and classic. 

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Bloggers Christmas Wish List: FYI Blog

My sixth blogger to share their Christmas wish list is Brad, from FYI Blog, a writer for a national style website and of of course, his own. FYI - Fashion, Youth, Indulgence - is well read due to its personal tone of Brad going from store-to-store, press day to press day providing his readers with his thoughts on some of the hottest - and some not so - collections from London and UK stocked men's and women's designers. He is also a photography student, which is evident from some of his pieces that he has chosen to share on his website.

These are incredible and I need to own them. I'm currently considering part exchanging my soul for a pair.

The blazer and shirt combination is a great universal style when you want to be neither too formal nor too casual but sometimes plain blazers can come across a bit dull. That's why I adore this jacket by Haider Ackerman. It's intriguing, impacting and has a bit of sparkle - what more could you want?

Those who read my blog will know that I quite like trying my hand at photography every now and then but unfortunately I still don't own a decent camera of my own. Therefore, I would really like to get my hands on a good camera this Christmas and the Canon EOS 400 is just that. Plus, it's price point is almost as appealing as its photographs.

I never used to have a diary until a few months ago when I decided things were just to hectic not to write everything down. Now I use it for everything and it's permanently attached to my hand or packed in my bag! I really love this one from Smythson and the fact it has a 'To Do' list makes it the perfect planner.

Garment Quarter in Bristol has the best selection of the label and I must admit that I have slight obsession with Markus Lupfer and, given the chance, I could easily fill my entire list with just his pieces. However, this sequin skull jumper is such a statement piece it's easily one of my favourite from the collection. The quality is incredible and all the sequins are intricately hand sewn.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Bloggers Christmas Wish List: Buckets and Spades

My fifth blogger to share his Christmas wish list is Matthew from Buckets and Spades, which is written by Matthew who lives close to the seaside in the north of England. His blog, like Last Style of Defense, is listed as a Fashion 100 blog which is well deserving of Matthew because he writes passionately about topics that both interest him and his readers - almost like he knows everyone of them and their preferences. More over, Matthew also has a great eye for design as whole from fashion, interiors, furniture and practical items with a retro twist.

There's nothing like this fella to remind you that you should be working hard, picture him as your watchman.

I know little about the brand but I was sold on the design alone, you just know it will be full of old-worldly charm.

This would like a treat on my wooden desk,  I'd go for the orange one.

Cheap and cheerful little add on, can't fault the design for this price. Smart choice.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Bloggers Christmas Wish List: BurBailey

The fourth blogger to share their Christmas wish list is Shane of BurBailey. His enthralling and passionate blog focuses around his obsession Burberry Prorsum and is a great source of personal opinion and fact from the American blogger. He has an incredible eye for the aesthetic, choosing to focus on the best pieces within a menswear collection and from online retailers yet with a personal edge.

I hated this sneaker first, even the way Rick Owens wears it himself, but then I saw my all time idol, Faye Wong, wear it and I grow an obsession with it. 

Reading is the most stylish trend right now, specially with this graphite Kindle.

An accessory that is Christmas worth and masculine. 

Iconic BVLGARI b-zero inspired style with charity in mind.

Avant garde design and craftsmanship but with a hue of classic vintage. 

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Bloggers Christmas Wish List: Nostromo Mode

My third blogger to share their Christmas wish list is Robert from new blog Nostromo Mode. Robert is also one of my readers who added me, personally, on Facebook and we started chatting. He lives in Washington D.C in the USA, sharing his time there and California, which is not universally known for its fashion scene, yet Robert says, 'Hopefully it offers a unique American perspective on a city known for its politics than style'. And I think it does just that.

This item is a bit of a non sequitor, but it is my Holy Grail piece.  Everyone has one, this is mine that I have been searching for, and will continue to search for, since 2008.  Grey, red, and black slim-fit perfection. 

Just how a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport isn't a daily driver, one would most likely not wear these but for a very special occasion.  While Giacomorelli popped onto everyone's radar recently due to his leopard studded slip-ons, these for me are decidedly more wearable and less trendy. 

Lanvin, (arguably like Dolce&Gabbana), benefits from the collective arrangement of having two geniuses at its creative helm: Alber Elbaz for the women's collection; and, Lucas Ossendrijver for the men's.  He has elevated a simple men's sneaker to wearable, timeless, art

Balmain's aspirational (stratospheric) prices and styling of inconsistent taste border the fine line of haute-French-rocker-grunge and something forgettable shredded by an aircraft engine.  That said, when Balmain delivers the goods, it's untouchable.  This deceivingly-simple, yet instantly-classic item, will remain on trend and current, seasons to come. 

My personal style and design aesthetic are embodied to the fullest in this item.  This jacket is a traditional staple of a modern man's wardrobe that utilizes ultra-modern materials.  I imagine myself pairing this with a tuxedo shirt and black bowtie, or with lux jeans and a plain white t-shirt. 

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Bloggers Christmas Wish List: Modern Man's Emancipation

My second blogger is the editor from Modern Man's Emancipation a new blog, the product of a great, yet anonymous, writer.

The Modern Man doesn't take pictures from his balcony with the latest outfit he bought, doesn't carry a camera with him to take pictures of celebrities he hangs out with, is not defined by seasonal trends neither monitor his every day antics or cares to talk about how he feels this morning. The modern man knows that fashion needs to me more than a statement, more than an aesthetically clever trick to  present a persona, it needs to be functional, it needs to be comfortable and it needs to tell a story, the story of a man comfortable in his own skin!

I am not one of those bloggers who sits down and writes everything in a diary and keeps the dates organised, neat and pretty. On the contrary, I usually keep notes of everything in my head which is why I am usually late for my appointments or meetings and tend to forget stuff. So this year I decided to get a proper old skool datebook to keep track of what I am supposed to be doing and this A.P.C one is just the perfect one. Slick, understated and I don't need to get a new one until 2015.

You'll propably find me wearing a leather jacket all year long, and trust me I do need a new one. I am a firm believer that you shouldn't spent a lot of money on something you will end up throwing around and sweating in. This All Saints leather biker jacket looks and feels luxurious yet dirty and with so many zips, imagine the things you can do with it!

So, so cute!! I've loved the Diana Cameras for ever and I was always saying, go and get yourself one as it is a cult must-have. And this year I am putting it on my wish list. I know I should be going all extreme digital but look at it...so cute!

I have a laptop case, a grained leather black one which looks very vintage and I am getting kinda of bored with it. I love turquoise as a colour and the MMJ logo looks very pop and funky so this year, dear Santa, I want to put my laptop in this one please, pretty please!

I hate it when your headphones keep popping out of your ear while you are bopping about in the London Underground, so this new year I want to go retro. I might have to re-think the stylized haircut but at least I look good with a messy one!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Bloggers Christmas Wish List: Anastasia and Duck

With Christmas around the corner and having trouble reducing down my own Christmas list, I got to wondering what my favorite other bloggers are asking Santa for this year. So I asked them. From today until the beginning of next week a handful of menswear bloggers, from the UK to the Canada, will be sharing their 'Bloggers Christmas Wish List'.

The first is a friend, Michael who is the writer behind Anastasia and Duck, a unisex blog exploring the aesthetically pleasing and sometime the displeasing designs of some of the best known brands from London. A fiend for the small, and often, large luxuries in life, Michael has exceptional and thoughtful taste in pieces, recently purchasing a garment from a press day when most of us were guzzling free champagne.

I have been looking for the perfect practical black bag for a while
and now I think I have found it in this rugged combination of nylon
and calfskin by Givenchy as designed by Ricardo Tisci.  I love the
urban gothic, darkly Catholic feel of Ricardo's work.

What is a more appropriate gift at Christmas time than a Bible?  Well,
the iconic millennial special edition of art-house fashion magazine
Visionaire, complete with a Crucifixion photographed by Wolfgang
Tillmans, would be my Bible of choice...

My grandfather used a Leica camera to document his travels around
Europe throughout much of the last century and I would like to carry
on the family tradition, particularly with this beauty in classic
Herm├Ęs orange.

Anna dello Russo is an amazing fashion example of self-creation and
I'd like to buy into her latest work of art - her new perfume - J'ADR!
 I do hope it smells of 'fabulous'.

It's always good to help others at Christmas, and so as my final
present I would like to adopt an owl from the Barn Owl Trust - because
without Anastasia I might never have got into fashion blogging...