Friday, 27 August 2010

Vaniloquence at Machine A / Fanny and Jessy

 One of London's hottest stores, Machine A, was the host for the night on Wednesday for the screening of Fanny and Jessy's new short film, Vaniloquence. The unisex designers are one of the hottest duo in London at the moment, and their film stills below, directed by Danny Sangra, shows their forward thinking ideologies of modern design.

Their second collection is for an androgynous audience, communicated in the grungy yet polished garments that have a certain sporty look to them also. But what does shine through is the quality of work and attention to detail, using standard form yet premium materials such as knit, mesh, leather, denim, jersey and lycra.

Fanny and Jessy seem to offer an exciting and intricate alternative, which as seen in the film, is a look worth embracing.

To view the film click here.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

An Empire State of Mind

Launching today as Topman's newest 'Premium Brand', Empire's Union is a forward thinking t-shirt brand that has come out of Paris, via London, since 2005.

The apparel is shaped out of the geometric of a star, finished with raw or finished edging and complete with an equally geometric design print. Unlike some brands that have an incredible concept but lack quality, Empires Union uses premium cottons for their t-shirts, which is all made in Europe.

There is a certain mixture of cultures in the inspiration of the brand, taking the ideals of England and mashing it with elements of Europe. However, the brand says that 'you express yourself through Empires Union, Empires Union does not project itself on you'. A refreshing view, no?


The side seams of the t-shirts make the star are a discrete but viable detail on all of the brands apparel, which, as regular readers will know, I am a huge fan of 'in the know' detailing eg. the shoulder seams on the Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme top-wear. Again with the quality, which I guess is why Topman picked them for a premium brand, is each design is silk-screened by hand onto the super fine, super soft cotton.

Each t-shirt is priced at £55, and the vests at £50, which can be viewed and bought here.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Art of Westwood

Projects don't come along like this every day, and if they do it is only for a select few. But on this occasion Vivienne Westwood Anglomania and Lee are launching an online installation which YOU can be part of. 

Launching on 8th September, '100 Days of Active Resistance' will see members of the public to submit an artwork or photograph that best represents the Westwood idea of Active Resistance. Everyday, one art work will be pick to feature on the website every day for the 100 days after which then the project will culminate in an exhibition displaying the best pieces received. So an amazing opportunity! 

So what is Westwood's idea of Active Resistance? She says: 

“The principle idea of Active Resistance is that you get out of life what you put in and that real experience of the world involves thinking” – Vivienne Westwood.

The aim of the project is to make 100 days of positive thought, active change, speaking up and being heard which Vivienne Westwood Anglomania and Lee Jeans actively encourage. 

So what do you have to do? Take a photo, write a slogan, create an image and show them your active resistance! Click here from the 8th of September and make a submission with these specs: 

Submitted image must be - 640 x 480 pixels (6:4) - landscape or portrait
Must not exceed 6mb in size Jpg, gif, or png format
Must be available to download in print quality

Good luck and I hope to see some of my reader's entires! 

The Worlds Most Luxurious Village Shop: ShowStudio

Between the local church, along from the post office and past what many regard as the local cafe, Claridges, is London's most luxurious village shop, ShowStudio. Whilst the boundaries of the small area bound between Park Lane, Piccadilly, Oxford and Regent Streets are now very blurred, the Capitals smartest area continues to impress.

ShowStudio, the brainchild of world renowned photographer Nick Knight, is renowned for its visionary and uber contemporary direction towards the world of fashion and art. Having first opened their e-store of the most exclusive items by some of the worlds most exclusive figures in the creative arts, they have now opened a stand alone store on Bruton Street, W1. 

Running from 9th September to 30th October, ShowStudio presents their latest exhibition, and afterwards products, In Wolves Clothing: Re-imagining the Doll which sees work by Michael Baumgarten, Barbie, Marina Bychkova, Nancy Fouts, Emma Gibson, Nick Knight, Laurie Simmons & Peter Jensen, Lone Siggurdson, Viktor & Rolf and Andrew Yang.


Running at the same time ShowStudio will broadcast performances from the LiveStudio in Bruton Place by Wendy Bevan, Lulu, Rubbish Finger Puppets and others. Dolls have long been the fascination of humans, perversely enchanted by 'little people', from the ancient civilizations, Queen's content on drawing them to couturiers and little girls.  It previews on the 8th of September, Fashion's Night Out evening, and I have been luckily enough to be invited. 

But what else does the ShowStudio shop have to offer? 


Union Jack by John Galliano - 2001 - £25,000 
Created by Galliano for a shoot with Nick Knight. 


Helment by Gareth Pugh - 2009, £4,000
Created for the SS10 Video Presentation during New York Fashion Week. 

Photographic Print by Solve Sundsbo - 2007, £10,250 
Unique singed print of Gareth Pugh taken in London in 2007. 

Untitled Artifact by Nasir Mazhar - 2009, £15,000
Shown in Nasir's AW09 Collection 

Martin Maison Margiela, Painted Tabi Boots - 2009, £POA 
A reissued boot from the SS 1989 collection for the 20th Anniversary collection for SS09. 

Martin Maison Margiela, Painted Blaxer - 2009, £POA
A reissued jacket from the SS 1989 collection for the 20th Anniversary collection for SS09. 

Signature Series: Dressing Book, Ariana Page Russell - 2009, £30
A signature book on how Ariana uses her own skin as a canvas. 

Happy shopping, just don't tell your bank manager! 

Monday, 23 August 2010

A Mysterious Juun Jaw AW10

No I have no idea who they are, but all I know is I want a lot of the collection. I have googled most of the afternoon and found little about them, any help?

Vintage Iron Palace at My Wardrobe

The other week, I reconnected with My-Wardrobe, partially with their new digital team who are in charge of us bloggers. Staying an hour more than I had accounted for, I was entranced by the stories behind the collections, most notably the exclusive Levi's Vintage AW10 collection jeans.

My-Wardrobe have been lucky enough to be the sole retailer for the special collection pieces, reproductions from the San Francisco Levi archives. But it is the 'Iron Palace Repaired Straight Jean' (above) that got me excited, not only because they are a stunning pair of jean, but because of the background story. I would put it into my own words, but will no doubt make a harsh of it, so here is a little bit from the ladies at My-Wardrobe.

The design came from an original 1940s pair of 501’s, which were found in a thrift store in Vancouver. The jeans were patched with the same fabric, indicating that the original was the second pair the owner had and had sacrificed his original to help keep his second alive; the damages and patches on the modern day Iron Palace are aged to a six month level of wear for authenticity. The name Iron Palace is the name of a famous brothel in Monterey, Levi Strauss’s home town and the building now stands as a bar on Main Street, Monterey.

The collection's nature means that all the pieces are one of a kind a produced in very low numbers, meaning that you have a real exclusive, maintaining their appeal. To shop the excellent line, click here.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Foot Skills, Not Ball Skills...

Not much came with this email in terms of blurb, but it's surprising to see a very tasteful and pretty on-trend range come from a footballer. Yes, this collection is called Five by England and Manchester United footballer (soccer for my American readers) Rio Ferdinand.

The range has, apparently, been heavily influenced by his own style however the casual yet sophisticated designs, for the 'man about town', cater for the 'contemporary man's busy lifestyle'.

The Very Model of a Musician

Fashion and music are natural synergies, and this is more evident than ever with model Josh Beech. He has not long finished recording his debut single 'Burnt Out', a great track with Lower Than Atlantis artist Ben Sansom. Take a look at Josh's Facebook page as well as his MySpace to take a listen.

Few know Josh's side project, as well as his touring in two punk rock bands over the past year or two, but after a listen, many will know of his talent for singing.

images courtesy of josh beech via facebook and myspace.

J W Anderson at OKI-NI

If you have not heard about one of the hottest menswear designers in London at the moment, then let me introduce you. J W Anderson has wowed the fashion pack in London for a couple of seasons now, producing some amazing and invigorating pieces that sell out in hours over at Oki-Ni.

The avent-garde and forward thinking online stockist has JUST got in these stunning items which were seen on the catwalk at the Menswear Day at London Fashion Week in February. To view the pieces left from last season, and the new collection, click here.

This portrait t-shirt maybe a little macabre with the eyes scratched out, but it makes an impact against similar t-shirts that will be seen during autumn winter 2010.

Camel and faux sheerling, two major trends for the coming season. The raw edges give this piece the nod toward the influence of the collection. 'St James and the Assassin' and the notion of a rugged romanticism of the Irish countryside.

Amongst this edge is a juxtaposition of government and the paramilitary as well as youth rebelion of the 1970s, street style and American varsity.

JW Anderson's AW/10 collection represents a scrapbook of thoughts based on the notion of the Saint and the Assassin. A collection full of contradiction - the romanticism of the Irish countryside is juxtaposed with paramilitary references. Likewise, the rebellion of street style mixes with the uniformity of varsity which is a mish-mash of J W Anderson's upbringing in northern Ireland.

One of the influences of the collection, the heart, is clearly represented in tassels - another trend nod - that creates a visual smack towards the whole idea behind the J W Anderson mind.

Seen on the catwalk, this key ring may not be cheap but it will sell out, like most of the collection's accessories. It has four working karabiners and is decorated with combs, braids and horn-carved talismans.

The collection, like the key ring is embellished with bike chains, beads and metal detailing reflects the street style influence within the collection. However, it is the L.O.V.E and H.A.T.E that was seen on the earlier released rings that push the struggles and contrasts within the collections influences.

But above all, it is a collection that I want and I would wear. Sorry, Halifax, it's going to be a long season...

Monday, 16 August 2010

Urban Outfitters

Please forgive the lack of blogging, I have not been well. However, on Thursday before I was confined to the sofa, I visited the Urban Outfitters store on London's Oxford Street. To my surprise, the menswear section, down stairs, had been remodeled in only a matter of weeks.

The whole space looks a lot bigger with some pagoda style features, housing a selection of knitwear and t-shirts. It is very similar to the one in Colette in Paris, except Urban Outfitters is a lot cheaper, and that one is made of plastic.

Moreover, the space seems a lot clearer and easier to navigate with the jeans displayed up on a black board, which is a really stylish, yet simple, way to merchandise. The changing rooms have moved to a brighter and airier space towards the rear of the store, and the overall effect is very urban and rugged.

Many thanks for the t-shirt, however I got a little pizza on it at weekend, so a photo is out of the question!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Are You a Hentsch Man?

Once in a while, a brand comes along that escapes my attention but other eagled eyed bloggers spot straight away. Mat Buckets and Cillian from Male Mode are two fans of the excellent brand, Hentsch Man.

The brand had a pop-up shop in London a few months back, and they have just released their Autumn Winter 2010 look book which has some inspiring looks to stylishly entice bloggers such as us. But the ingenious and often overlooked concept of Hentch is to provide men with a small yet perfectly formed range of style staples, which is started with a simple shirt and worked around that with pants, accessories etc.

Working on this concept, the label has however explored more styles such as chambray and flannel in shirting, experimental patterned and simply plain knitwear and a vast array of trousers in an excitingly adventurous pallets.

Take a look, plus their Spring Summer 2010 sale is on as well here.

Made (And Worn) in England...

There are many against the grain footwear labels but F-Troupe is at the top of it's game. Made in England, the full collection of mens and womens shoes are now, excitingly, on sale in their first store based in London's Soho from September.

A capsule collection of a stunning range of unisex brogues are all designed by their own creators in Northampton, the epi-centre of traditional English shoe making. But amongst the plainly English styles is an array of curiosities, a reference to the labels affection of a Dickensian style of bric-a-brac which will ensure the store is one of London's designation stores to entertain and capture imaginations.