With Johnny Borrell playing, above, watched by a host of familiar faces including HRH Princess Beatrice of York enjoying the sounds, the Polo Jeans Co – a diffusion line of Ralph Lauren – Art Stars event earlier this week was an event not to be missed. The exhibition, at the Philips du Pury gallery in Central London, is a charitable exhibit with 42 International artists on display which will end in an auction  benefiting the Teenage Cancer Trust which is an excellent and wholly deserving cause, improving the treatment and care of teenagers under the NHS in the UK. 
The inspiration for the Art Stars is the all American iconic Star Spangled Banner (the American national flag) which, not only being patriotic, is an emblem close to the branding and philosophy of Polo Jeans Co.  They commissioned up-and-coming European and Middle Eastern contemporary artists to customize 3D stars made from American denim, and as you can see, the pieces are pretty incredible. If I had the money, I would be bidding until I won, particularly on the George Washington one below. 
If you can bid, or if you are interested in taking to see what is on offer, visit Polo Jeans Co. to see the full collection of pieces. 

Thanks to Chloe at Ralph Lauren UK for the top image!

Written by Danhasbyoliver


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