I do like it when young, new or up-and-coming designers email me because it makes me, and then you, of some excellent pieces often missed. Whilst Max Steiner is not that new, he is young (ish) and up-and-coming, producing pieces that need to be recognized outside of New York City where he not only lives, but is exclusively stocked. 
A passionate New Yorker, Max is a creative design force on all levels putting jewelry designing, architectural model maker, sculptor, product designer and 3D modeler at the top of his competencies. Most recently he has produced a female line of necklaces, earring’s and such like in metal origami which are visually and creatively stunning, but these are the two lines which stand out to me. 

The above collection is the Icon, incorporating cufflinks and these necklaces. I think the simplicity and the, well, iconic model of lego gives it a nostalgic charm, yet is attractive enough to wear. The sterling silver piece is  incredibly well crafted and arrives in the custom made wooden box above. 
Cinder Blocks is the other collection I really like, because again it has that simplistic charm of being stylish and whimsical. It also represents the visionary and more over, intriguing thoughts of Maxs’ view of ideas, landscape and architecture that surrounds him. 
The pieces are made from actual cement mixed with steel which is a great, urban and hardy combination which touches the real grit of the city which is, what I and many describe, as a concrete jungle. 
As I said before, Max is not that new but is young and up-and-coming, as he has already worked with Sam Mendes (Mr. Kate Winslet) in The Bridge Project (for the theatre which takes its name) and pieces for Brooklyn boutique Thistle and Clover. Further more, his latest and biggest to date is an LVMH/Hennessy Black project with design guru Brent Rollins and DJ Ross One to produce a modern day boombox. 
Take a look at his pieces at his website, and as prices start at around $60 (£37) Maxs’ pieces are ideal for Christmas. 

Written by Danhasbyoliver


the style crusader

i love that last necklace. jewelry that takes everyday objects and turn them into something covetable are so cool. i'd definitely be happy to find one of these pieces under the christmas tree. xx


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