Having written about London based designer Domingo Rodriguez in the past, I am consistently impressed by the quality of work and the attention to detail he puts into his pieces. As one of fashion commentator Colin McDowell’s and Esquire magazines ‘7 Brilliant Brits’ Rodruigez is going from strength to strength, and this Phi-Nom collaboration is no exception. 
Phi-Nom is an off-shoot of a long established family tannery with a long and esteemed history of producing the finest leather products. Their pieces seem to be very much in touch with youth-led ideologies and pride themselves on being market leaders in luxury leather apparel. 
What you can see from this collaboration is, what I think are great tailor cut pieces that are treated and crafted to perfection, and I adore the last two shots of the hooded jacket in black. But I am even more excited that the collaboration with Rodriguez will soon be going live with a very well known e-retailer later this month – something that I will defiantly be picking up on. 

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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