Look! Sheep! Yes, there was a flock outside Selfridges, Oxford Street in Central London earlier this week as the store embraced the Campaign for Wool celebrations. The cross-initiative is the brainchild of His Royal Highness, Prince Charles Price of Wales who is no stranger to championing British brands and the rural British way of life. It was started to highlight the need to sustain and use wool within the fashion industry, as well as in interiors and really, any other way in which it can be utilized. 
Combining the wool organisations, industry producers and associations as well as the textile industry, this initiative is purely to highlight the plight as well as the excellence of a fabric that we often take for granted. 
You may have also seen these images below from the home of tailoring, Savile Row in Central London. It is not every day you see the street grassed over and completed with a flock of rams! 
Savile Row Field Day’ will saw the world’s most prestigious tailoring location closed to traffic as dozens of sheep graze in specially laid pasture on the Row. Watched over by two farmers, the first dressed in an Anderson & Sheppard bespoke suit created using Fox Brothers’ new ‘West of England’ cloth produced from wool sourced from Exmoor Horn sheep, with the second farmer dressed for the unique occasion by Gieves & Hawkes.  
As the sheep graze, passers by were welcomed into to open house events and tours of the Row’s most famous tailoring houses to learn how wool is used by the great British mills, such as Fox Brothers and Dormeuil, to inspire the world-class bespoke tailors of Savile Row. 
So as the weather gets colder, and we wrapping up in a wool jumper, scarf or gloves. I know I will be but just remember to support those behind your warmth. 

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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