It is fair to say that Lacoste, like Burberry, went through a bit of a ‘bad’ patch when it was adopted by a less than desirable client. But once the clamp-down on fakes got underway, Lacoste began to re-brand and it has now developed into a great, and one of my favorite, brands. I did a review on the upcoming Lacoste book over at The Glass Magazine, go search for it as it gives a great insight into a fantastic new publication.

I think they have a great range of summer sneakers perfect for casual days out, or just kicking around the park. Also, its huge range of polo’s are really on trend, with a great colour pallet and fantastic cut. But more of that after these sneakers…

Checked and detailing is really on trend and these are great to wear with board shorts or cropped pants. These SMP Graduate editions are half price, so good for the feet and great for the wallet.

My love of high-tops has been well documented on here and I’m really running of room for sneakers, but these I would love. The Marcel has a discreet logo that differentiates itself from similar, generic sneakers.

These Marcel canvas are, well, colorful. And why not? It’s summer (almost) and they beat any other plimp-soles that come in similar shades because they have a thick sole, meaning they last longer. Oh, and the sole is pink. Bonus!

These Marcel Twist SMP sneakers are what they are, but there is something quite stylized about them. Perfect to wear with pretty much anything, dressed up or down.

These Marcel Twist SMP‘s are classic and just perfect for the summer. They speak for themselves at a really great price…

That little crocodile on Lacoste polo‘s have been an iconic symbol of sporting excellence since 1933. Keep it classic, simple and true to Rene Lacoste’s ideology with these simple colours;





Written by Danhasbyoliver



Hmm, I dunno. I generally find myself falling in love with their campaigns more than the actual clothing itself.



To be honest, I have only just got into Lacoste – I lived in an area where it was the 'top' brand for chavs and thugs. But now, they have been priced out. But loving the sneakers…


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