It’s Father’s Day on Sunday (the 20th) and I find buying for my Dad impossible. His tastes are very simple, and being quite a loyal traditionalist, something from Tom Ford would not appeal to him.

But for the very fashionable Dad (or Sugar Daddy) here are two of the hottest pieces that I have found. They break the mould in terms of ‘normality’, because from now until Sunday, you will see pages and pages of ties, cufflinks, watches, belts, wallets and all that boring stuff. So for the quirky, and fun-loving Dad, who doesn’t like any of the above, football or cars out of his price range, here it goes…

Accessories brand BOW! by Davy Limliman Vallecer is a wonderful hub of handmade BOW! ties in all sizes, be it small, medium, large or super large! They are all hand designed and created by Davy herself and with plenty features an array of unique patterns, prints and colour pallets too.

With the BOW! selector service you can design your very own completely unique, BOW! tie, and perhaps follow the style icons of George Clooney and Johnny Depp.

But if your Dad is more of a collector, or someone who likes something that little bit special, then look no further than this. I really want it, and I have no children to give it too me (well, at least I don’t think so).

Richard Christiansen, Creative Director of preeminent creative house, Chandeier Creative, in collaboration with Partners & Spade, both based in New York, have created a set of 24 Carat gold ‘toy soldiers’. Bang on trend with the military theme, it’s a modern twist on an old classic. They are $500 for the set, or $125 individually.

Happy Shopping!

Written by Danhasbyoliver


Anastasia and Duck

I'm afraid my Dad is going to have to make do with a card and maybe a plant for the garden… If only I had a sugardaddy to buy Tom Ford things for 🙁 And then steal them from his wardrobe…



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