It seems the Gucci x Mark Ronson project is a ‘marmite’ collaboration, you either love it or you hate it but one thing is certain the first day will be a scrum of London’s fashionitos.

I blogged about the launch here some time ago, but now it is officially launching on Wednesday 22nd April 2010 in London’s Earlham Street situated in the buzzing Covent Garden area (I say buzzing as in fun and noisy – I lived very near the piazza for 3 years and slept very little). The Gucci Ronson collaboration has an impressively large 17 individual styles, which is unequally divided with 15 for guys, 2 for the girls.

The two styles above are reportedly Ronson’s favourites, one with herringbone and the other with polka-dots. I think the herringbone style will disappear from the pop up store as quick as it arrived but that’s just my view, and not having seen all 17 exclusive styles. Plus just to make the sneakers that little bit more special, buyers are able to have their inilials embossed onto a custom tag on the shoes of their choice.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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