All Saints has been a bit of a Marmite brand; you either love it or you hate it. I was in the latter camp, and yes, I dislike Marmite too – there is no changing on that.

But it wasn’t until I was on a photoshoot a couple of weeks ago, for a magazine article that will be out later this month, that I changed my mind about the brand. I wore a pair of really cute desert boots with a military twist in sand, and a grey marl draped jumper which, not only suited me I really liked.

These images come from the All Saints Spring/Summer 2010 campaign, and it appears that the brand has taken youth as its focus and thrown it into a hard, rugged landscape that doesn’t shy away from being proud of its masculine aesthetic.

The brand does have a really large following amongst the 16-30 age group, who are highly fashion conscious. Here this is represented by Will Westall, who with his tattoo’s and edgy look really helps step up the appeal to a larger audience who have not bought the brand before.

I really love the combination of shorts and the boots, plus the oversized Wayfarer style sunglasses are such fun. I know the trend for big brands hit the catwalks this season, but nobody told me about eyewear too…

To view the current collection and a whole load of bargains from the previous season click here.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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