Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas From LSoD

A very Happy Christmas to all of my readers, wishing you a very merry and fulfilling holiday season. Also great big thank you to you all who have read or continued to read my blog since July - there will be more posts in the new year.

I have been sporadic of late on posting as my birthday was weekend, and I had A LOT of engagements to attend, gift shopping and putting up my tree! However, once I have stuffed the turkey and drank the last drop of wine I shall return.

In the mean time, a very lovely holiday and best wishes for the New Year.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Oh Yes...Sex and the City 2

My life is now complete this year since I have seen this.

I might be single but this just fills that void completely.
Who would have though four women could make a boy so happy? ::ahem::

Friday, 18 December 2009

LFW A/W 10 Schedule

LFW A/W 10 Provisional Schedule

Some interesting announcements...

Friday 19th February
09.30 Paul Costelloe BFC/WC2
10.00 Designer Exhibition at LFW Opens
11.00 Caroline Charles BFC/WC2
12.15 Maria Grachvogel TBC
13.30 Eun Jeong BFC/WC2
14.45 Hakan Yildirim TBC
15.45 Aminaka Wilmont BFC/WC2
17.00 Jena Theo BFC/WC2
18.15 Felder Felder WC2
18.15 Hannah Marshall WC2
18.15 Jean-Pierre Braganza WC2
19.45 Sass & Bide BFC/WC2

LFW Presentations
09.00-20.00 Orla Kiely The Portico Rooms
13.00-17.00 Craig Lawrence **TBC
Cooperative Designs ** TBC
TBC David David TBC

A lot of new designers on the first day. Call me ignorant, but I do not remember seeing some of these on the S/S10 schedule or have actually heard of them. Should be an interesting and exciting addition...

Saturday 20th February

09.00 DAKS BFC/WC2
10.00 Emilio de la Morena E1
11.00 Kinder Aggugini BFC/WC2
12.15 Fashion East WC2
13.15 Unique TS
14.30 John Rocha BFC/WC2
15.45 Mark Fast ** TS
15.45 Mary Katrantzou ** TS
16.45 House of Holland TBC
17.45 Charles Anastase E1
19.00 Ann-Sofie Back TS
20.00 PPQ BFC/WC2

LFW Presentations

09.00-11.00 Maria Francesca Pepe ** The Portico Rooms
12.30-14.00 Sykes ** The Portico Rooms
15.30-17.30 Louise Gray ** The Portico Rooms
19.00-21.00 Holly Fulton ** The Portico Rooms
TBC Danielle Scutt TBC

This it seems, is the cool day with House of Holland, PPQ, Fashion East and Louise Gray showing. But interesting to see Gray has opted for a presentation this season...

Sunday 21st February
09.00 Betty Jackson BFC/WC2
10:00 Richard Nicoll TS
11:00 Margaret Howell W1
12.00 Jasper Conran BFC/WC2
13.15 Matthew Williamson TBC
14.15 Todd Lynn BFC/WC2
15.15 Meadham Kirchhoff ** TS
16.30 Julien Macdonald TBC
17.30 Louise Goldin TS
18.30 Aquascutum W1
19.30 Vivienne Westwood Red Label TBC
20.30 Ashish BFC/WC2

LFW Presentations
09.00-12.00 Clements Ribeiro The Portico Rooms
14.00-18.00 BodyAmr The Portico Rooms
TBC Eley Kishimoto TBC
TBC Mulberry W1

Once again, Milberry has opted for a presentation and there is a good mix of younger labels here mixed with old school ones - Aquascutum before Westwood. Should be a fun day...

Monday 22nd February
09.00 Nicole Farhi WC2
10.00 Antonio Berardi TBC
11.15 Osman BFC/WC2
12.15 Christopher Kane TS
13.30 Roksanda Ilincic SW1
14.30 Erdem TBC
15.30 Jaeger London BFC/WC2
16.45 Marios Schwab TS
18.00 Paul Smith W1
19.30 Pringle of Scotland TBC

LFW Presentations
09.00-12.00 Future Classics The Portico Rooms
10.00-12.00 Twenty8Twelve TBC
14.00-18.00 Marcus Lupfer The Portico Rooms
TBC Graeme Black W1
TBC Duro Olowu TBC
TBC ALICE by Temperley TBC

Interesting to see Twenty8Twelve going for a presentation this season - quite the trend in this climate. Never the less, it seems a good and promising day judging by the line up.

Tuesday 23rd February
09.00 Bora Aksu BFC/WC2
10:00 Peter Pilotto ** TBC
11:15 Basso and Brooke BFC/WC2
12.45 Jonathan Saunders TBC
13.45 Josh Goot TBC
14.45 Amanda Wakeley BFC/WC2
16.00 Burberry Prorsum TBC
17.15 Nathan Jenden TBC
18.15 Jenny Packham WC2
19.30 Central Saint Martins BFC/WC2

LFW Presentations
09.00-12.00 Krystof Strozyna The Portico Rooms
09.30-15.00 Antoni & Alison TBC
13.00-17.00 Peter Jensen TBC
14.30-18.30 Christian Blanken The Portico Rooms
TBC Issa London W1

YAY! Burberry is back but at an earlier time, but judging by the Central St Martin's time slot, they must have a few tricks up their sleeve...

Wednesday 24th February - MENSWEAR
09.00 Carolyn Massey BFC/WC2
09:00 JW Anderson BFC/WC2
09:45 Lou Dalton The Portico Rooms
10.45 Aitor Throup TBC
11.45 E. Tautz W1
13.00 Christopher Shannon BFC/WC2
13.00 James Long BFC/WC2
15.00 MAN WC2
16.30 Topman Design BFC/WC2
18.30 A Child of the Jago TBC

LFW Presentations
Afternoon Fashion East Menswear Installations WC2 TBC
Tim Soar TBC

Says it all with this day. Excellent...

OK, its my birtdhay tomorrow and I am going out to night for drinks, so have to cut this short. Enjoy looking over the schedule...let me know what you think!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Converse Calling

It's often said that fashion and music make the perfect harmony of style - anyone who has seen Fashion Rocks will defiantly agree - and it seems Converse think the same.

For the iconic shoe brand are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the debut release of the Clash's 'London Calling' album, which was one of the defining albums of the youth fashion defining decade - the 1980s.

The Chuck Tailor All Stars high-tops in white leather are emblazoned with the 'London' and 'Calling' emblems on the sole in the specific green and pink shades used on the cover of the album. Now, not a lot of people know that...

What's more the tongue of the shoe is embroidered with the date the album was released - 14th December 1979 - and the name of each of the band members.

If you are a Clash fan, or a fan of London - then this is the shoe for you. Priced at a less than 1980's price of £74.99 (OK, so they are a little steep but they are hott) and are avaiable now from Converse on Carnaby Street, London, W1 and stockist such as Office, Size and Schuh UK wide.

A Very Hermes Christmas

Now this is luxury.

Hermes has collaborated with Leica Camera AG to produce these incredibly stylish limited edition 35mm cameras.
The Leci M7 comes in Hermes Orange and etoupe - urm, WANT much?! I'm quite hopeless with technology but these are just incredible to have...

Thanks to my Texan friend Hunter at The Fad for the tip!

Unconditional S/S 10 Preview

Grey Burn-Out Stars and Stripes Tee

White Burn Out Vest with Black Micro Fiber 3/4 length shorts

White Micro Fiber Shorts, Gold Foil Spotted Dip-Dye tee accessoried with Dip-Dye Scarf

Soft Blue and Black Denim Shirt with Metal Drill Shorts

Black Micro Fiber Shorts with Pewter Beaded Scoop Neck Tee

Grey Sweat Shorts with Cotton and Silk Lined Hoodie

Bondage Sailor Jumper with Micro Fiber Parker

One, if not only, favorite label of mine, Unconditional has released it's S/S10 look book that features some of the hottest looks for next year.

It has been well commented that this is the best collection so far, and with some new exciting and interesting fabrics such as micro fiber and metal drill you can see how great the garments are worn and look. The designer behind the brand, Philip Stevens, has styling and design down to a tee (if you forgive the pun) and his silhouettes are the most flattering and sexy around. Visionary and genius often spring to mind...

Also, one of the models used is Jacob Coupe, who was great at the shoot for this look book I attended a few months back...
He is fast becoming model du jour and is a regular face on the pages of Dazed and Confused, 10, GQ...the list goes on and has even sauntered down the Prada runway.

Some of the collection will be available from the Unconditional store (Monmouth Street, London, WC2) from next week as well as Selfridges (Oxford street, London, W1 as well as Manchester and Birmingham) and, amongst others in the New Year.

Ash Stymest Candid 2

After the last post of Ash, here are two more...I think I am in LOVE

Taken after Trailer Trash in London, it's great to see one of the hottest models off duty but looking equally as stunning...

Galliano Menswear Diffusion Line to Launch

His clothes are lusted all over the world, his creative mind is envied by many but John Galliano is extending his design genius further in a new line.

This Autumn Ittiere, licenser behind the Galliano womenswear, is to launch a menswear line to match. The diffusion line is a long await addition to the Galliano family of products, especially at a time when luxury is more in-demand as ever but at a more accessible price point.

According to reports, the 'urban casual' line will be a sport mix of outer, leather and knitwear, shirts, jackets, jersey pieces, jeans and accessories - the whole lot then?! Aimed at "trendsetting, extravagant, adventurous 18 to 35-year-old fashion demographic" the price point is set to be released but I am thinking the line will fall into the D&G bracket of pricing.

For those who have seen/bought the John Galliano knows that a simple pair of his newspaper print underwear is around £100 and a similar designed tee is around £100, which has often deterred many from buying further into the brand bar cosmetics and fragrances.

The Galliano menswear collection will show at Milan Menswear Fashion Week on January 18th 2010 yet the John Galliano mainline collection will, as usual, show in Paris.

Tod's A/W09 Sale

Who doesn't love Tod's shoes? Using some of the most luxurious leathers and skins, their driving shoes are one of the best selling styles in the world.

The Tod's sale starts on the 17th of December (this Thursday) which will be a great opportunity to bag some bargains! They do some great little leather gifts and accessories.

For more info, Clickity Click here.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Back Online

Thanks for all your email's of 'where are you?!' etc etc but LSoD is now back online, no thanks to AOL.

It all started just after dinner last Wednesday and after 7 hours on the phone to numerous mentally-misguided technical staff and jobs worth customer service (mis) advisors. Firstly I needed a new ADSL filter, then to take away the extension lead, then it was a technical fault, then a new router was needed...

Make up your minds A**holes On Line, but of course, as the worlds least efficient service provider (after a hamster and some jump leads) they think the current package is being updated and taking nearly a week to send out new hardware, just in case.

But now it's back...the best xmas present I could ask for! Thanks to the incredibly attractive sounding, and immensely helpful Irish guy who called this morning. You are a star...

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Harvey Nichols, Bristol

Well, it is the season to be merry...and merry we were. Last night saw the Harvey Nichols Christmas shopping event at their Bristol store in the AM-AY-ZING Cabot Circus shopping area. It was quiet quiet, but these things are a lot more fun when you can brows with room to swing a McQueen bag.

Organized by the Sunday Times Style supplement, there was great hospitality with mince pies, muld-wine and champagne to make you spend, urm..I mean, feel welcome! The staff there are very knowledgeable and hospitable which made the evening even more enjoyable.

Whilst I was perusing the menswear shoes, I stumbled across a small selection of Dior Homme sneakers that were really well priced at around £160. Then behold, an email forced its way into my inbox this morning from Dior with these five new styles....

I do like these epiphanies/signs...

White with silver stripe trainer - £350

White high top trainers with red stripe - £420.

Grey high top trainers with black stripe - £420

B95 trainer with black stripe - £300

White trainer with silver and grey stripe £360

Though unfortunatly I only came away with some nibbles and goodies from the foodhall, but next time...

Fritz For Robert Mc

I know I shouldn't favor some readers over others, but this post is for Robert Mc - I hope he appreciates one of the hottest new faces at Viva Paris agency, Fritz.

Fritz by Kate Bellm coutresty of Viva Models

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Ioannis Dimitrousis Sample Sale/Digitaria London

'Tis the season to be thrifty...' but thrifty doesn't have to mean unstylish as Friday 11th December sees the beginning of the Digitaria London sample sale.

Home to some of the hottest, new young designers the capital has to offer, one of the names on sale is wonder boy Ioannis Dimitrousis.

Dimitrosis is the Greek born, London College of Fashion graduate who has taken the London fashion scene by storm with his avent garde yet highly wearable creations. Though it is the intricate detailing that makes his garments stand out, such as the glitter top below, and his use of varied fabrics and textures that give his designs an identity.

I have been to his On/Off shows at London Fashion Week, where he has gained quite a following over the seasons - most notably Suzy Menkes - and the up-and-coming faces of the London fashion/club scene. His shows are incredibly produced, often outshining some of the 'proper' shows during the event.

The Decemeber Sample Sale will take place at DIGITARIA, 60 Berwick St, London, W1F 8SU from Friday 11th between 11am-8pm (a drinks reception will take place from 6pm-8pm), Saturday 12th from 11am-7pm and Sunday 13th from 12pm-6pm.

The other designers are listed above on the top flyer, but you would be crazy not to get a piece of the Ioannis Dimitrousis action...

McQueen Launches Online Boutique

I blogged about a similar clutch back in July and it seems if you sign up to the new Alexander McQueen online boutique, you have a chance of winning one.

But for now, here are two of the fiercest looks on the website...

Enough said....

Monday, 7 December 2009

Menswear at Mouret

His designs have been said to slim a woman down without her loosing a pound, but can Roland Mouret do the same to us guys?

For Mouret has announced that next year he will launch a 15 piece capsule collection for men in January, but unfortunately it will not be shown on a catwalk. But it will sit along side his womenswear collections in stores - and be priced at the same price-point.

Prices will start at £1000 to a 'little over' £3000 for a suit! Not cheap, so thats me out of the line to get a piece. I don't mind shelling out a fortune for Tom Ford, but I would be a little apprehensive about Mouret. Though exclusive is the new black....

Though is his heart in it? He has been quoted as saying "I don't want to do catwalk because as much as I like women on the catwalk, I don't like men. Women walk, men just don't get it."

Oh, dear...

Fashion Unrest

Wow what a HEAVY weekend! Yes, it was messy but out and about I spotted some fashion unrest.

Thanks to the two guys who allowed me take snaps of their tee's (particularly the 'CHANGE' guy, as his girlfriend seemed less than impressed as I approached them!)

What is fashion? Certainly not this tee, but I quite like the statement...

Change? Urm, no...55DSL has some cheek but I do like the irony of the tee.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Ash Stymest Candid

This has to be one of the best candid photo's of Ash Stymest EVER! Taken at a house-party in east London, I am to understand Ash was on his way to London's Bungalow 8. Ash is a regular face out on the fashion/club kid scene in London, and was joined by some of the hottest faces from around town.

Isn't he just adorable?!

Dior Homme, or is it Femme?

Well, Hedi Slimane will be rolling in his preverbal fashion grave, for successor Kris Van Assche has announced Dior Homme denim - for women.

The collection, which will be in stores worldwide early next year, is called Petite Taille - or small size - and has come about as Van Assche has seen women attracted to the super skinny styles. The 'slim fits and modern styles' that women want will include a range of denim washes from raw and bleached to indigo and black.

Priced from 270-785 Euro, the collection will be the first time Dior Homme has designed for a female audience yet the label has appealed to more edgy fashion following girls. Why they can't buy regular Dior I do not know...

I was completely obsessed with Hedi Slimane's collections at Dior Homme - I am sat writing this in one of his hoodie's and a pair of now washed out jeans - but was unimpressed, and more disappointed when Van Assche took over.

I feel his collections have lost its edge that Dior Homme was once about - they seem to have an air of Jil Sander about them, and his first collection of almost preppy white shirts, buttoned right up, and over sized Oxford pants, was a humungous let down.

But lets hope that all that Christmas excess won't ruin the look of this denim collection's silhouettes!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Maison Martin Margiela at

'Iconic','beautiful' and 'abstract' are the buzz words over the online retailer at the moment as over 100 Maison Martin Margiela unique designs are available to buy.

S/S COLLECTION 2007 Jacket made from sports bags.

OK so it's not going to be cheap, but pieces start at £100 up to around £15,000 so think Santa will have his work cut out this year! There are some stunning pieces, mostly womenswear but a lot of mens pieces and accessories.

A/W COLLECTION 2005 Belt made from leather cut-outs in various ton-sur-ton shades.

The pieces are from 2005 to 2009 and include infamous pieces such as the Lady GaGa -esq 'Disco Ball Top' (VERY east London) and his 'wig jackets' which are just incredible, on many levels.

Margiela is notoriously media shy, having never given an interview, official photograph or come out at the end of the show, though I did see a picture once that was claimed to be him. I digress, but the designs are well worth spending a good evening reading over and gasping in beauty at - I did, and missed CSI Miami.

S/S COLLECTION 2007 Four men's T-shirts with rock prints are cut vertically and assembled to make a T-shirt.

A/W COLLECTION 2005-2006 Ancients massive silver spoons are used to create a rin

Ah well, if Horatio Caine can't get you out of a dilemma, you can always rely on Margiela to pick you up!

Click here to see the collection.


When I was in Paris back in September, the HOTT accessories that was being talked about was these, Vanities bracelets. Buyers from all over the world went crazy for these at Tranoï, the premier fashion trade show, but I have been struggling to find them in London!

Vanities bracelets are made with torn and vintage fabrics such as tartans from kilts, flannels from suits and printed scarfs with the tribal bone sculptured head. They really are the subtle but uber chic accessory for next season.

So0o for the hottest chic piece for Spring/Summer 2010, but if I can find one in London, and not at Colette in Paris, I will be a little bit happier!

A Century for a Century

Earlier this year Selfridges celebrated their Centenary, 100 years of trading, and they are expecting to celebrate another 100 this year too.

Today, Selfridges have announced that they are expecting to exceed £100 million in profits this year. That is A LOT of shoes!

Paul Kelly, Selfridges CEO said that the store has seen a strong lead in handbags, shoes, beauty and children's footwear (god, my shoes came from Clarks!) which has helped them beat last years £88 million profit.

OK, less of the business stuff...but lets try and get Selfridges above that £100 million mark! There is a whole lot of festive fun to be had at the Oxford Street, London store...

Every Thursday, between 6-9pm, THE HILARIOUS Jonny Woo performs his ‘Megadames Promenade’ - a naughty and comedic version of traditional panto's. It sounds absolutely amazing and I will defiantly be going along!

If that's not your cup-of-mulled wine, on Fridays at 12pm, 1pm and 2pm Jonny will be doing his famous, or rather infamous, Gay Bingo. Calling the balls in aid of children's charity Mothers4Children, the theme is a very camp 'A Panto Special', and this is an event not to be missed!

For star-spotters, the annual celebrity Sing-A-Long will be on the Tuesday the 8th of December and Saturdays see a festive mash-up of Can Can dancers - far better the Moulin Rouge - in the shape of dames, pop up panto and plenty of fun kids things that even we can enjoy too!

For more info on whats on click here