Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Hermès to Buy Asprey?

Hermes Spring/Summer 2010 -

Keeping on the Paris theme, last night I went to the most stunning vintage boutique near the Louvre that sells vintage/second hand Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton - shoes, luggage, bags, accessories...

In a word stunning! Though I did become speechless when I was invited to handle one of the most expensive bags I have EVER encountered, the 45cm orange ostridge Birkin. Seeing the price at €1,700, I was quite impressed but looking again it was €17,000! Worth every last cent...

Today I read that Hermès have bought the Asprey store on New Bond Street, London for £75 Million last week but is keeping shtum on whether or not it will buy the entire company. I remember Asprey when it was Asprey and Garrard and the store was not as impressive as it is now with its central atrium and house-like interior.

The company is not doing as well as Hermès with reported sales drop of £17 Million to £13 Million as of last year whilst JPG is pushing sales up 7% over the last six months to €874.9 Million.

Who said the economy was in resession? Why, if we all bought Birkins, the world would be a richer place!

J'adore Paris

Oh what a beautiful city Paris is! I have not been here for...well, too long and I had forgotten how stunning it is. I took this quick photo last night of the Arc de Triumph during a late night walk with a colleague.

Paris Womenswear Fashion Week starts today but due to work will not be at any shows! I am here for another 9 days and have already been trapped in a store in the Marais with Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Hemming. He was trying on a Comme des Garçons navy blue, over sized trench in wool which looked amazing on him.

Today, the label I work for has it's first clients in two hours in the pop-up showroom to view the entire collection. My French is a bit rusty so thank god they are all English speakers!

Au Revoir!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Ash Stymest for SuperSuper

This image of Ash is incredible, he never ceases to bore me! Thanks to sUper hott stylist Kabir for giving me a sneaky peak at the shoot for SuperSuper magazine. The issue entitled 'Hooked' is looking at the fashion obsessions of his year in relation to cool, London talent and interest. Ash was shot wearing Alexander McQueen by Simon Harris.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Unconditional 'Mantyhose' - Yay or Nay?

My favorite label Unconditional has divided the nation and most of New York with their A/W09 collection featuring 'mantyhose' - tights for men, and a 'skirt'.

Is it a yay or nay for you?

I was lucky enough to be allowed to spend yesterday at the photo shoot for such items in East London with designer Philip Stevens and soon to be Head of Press Dan Hasby-Oliver. The model was Jacob Coupe at Models 1 who was genuinely nice and such fun!

I did take a shot to show you but was asked to wait off until the final photograph is edited and complete. However, I can tell you that the 'mantyhose' are more like long-johns but without the top half, and the 'skirt' is a really funky black pleated short kilt.

My verdict? Hott.

Like Father Like Son

Looking like your Dad can either be a blessing or a curse - I for one look like my mum so I can't comment - but for Louis and Claude Simonon it means a contract.

These two boys are sons of The Clash bassist, Paul Simonon, and have landed a contract for the new Prada Amber Homme campaign. Aimed solely at us guys, the pair are the perfect echo of masculinity and suit the visual aesthetic of the fashion house.

Launched in 2006, the signature fragrance has scents of myrrh, cardamom and musk which costs £33 for 50ml or £60 for the 100ml special rechargeable edition.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

House of Holland S/S10

#LFW Eighties returned in the most playful and reminiscent way possible at House of Holland, with Henry taking influence from Julia Robert's stomping ways in Pretty Woman. Colorful and vivacious, the use lace - for boys and girls - denim, cashmere and jersey was emblazoned with his signature 'house' logo. My favorite pieces are the printed statement tee's and shirts with 'borrowed', 'blue' and 'new' printed on the chest. Silly, fun and reminiscent of the 80's and his first t-shirt collections, this is one of his best collections yet . Plus ins't the picture of Aggy and Henry just adorable?!
Images courtesy of to Bubble at Dazed,

Monday, 21 September 2009

(Late) Summer Holiday

Karen Walker isn't just a rich, brazen and eccentric character from Will and Grace...she is a shoe designer. Obviously not the same one, this Walker's S/S10 collection features seaside themes such as nautical blues and whites with sunshine yellows, dots and classic stripes.

But whilst she focuses on the girls for her collection, us boys can focus on the shoes that debuated on the catwalk in collaberation with Pointer.

In keeping with the beach resort story, the shoes are made in bright colour styles that rework the classic leather boat shoe that has become increasingly de rigur with us London boys. her signature fabric lining. The shoes will be available at Karen Walker stockists and her flagship stores in March, 2010.

Front Row at Jonathan Saunders

#LFW What a line up! Anna Wintour, Natalia Vodianova & Donatella Versace at Christopher Kane.
Another picture.

EXCLUSIVE: Donatella and Anna

#LFW So aparrently Anna will be arriving the tail end of London Fashion Week for I'm guessing Burberry and Jonathan Saunders. Oh, dear...she even snubbed a reception with the lovely Mrs. Brown at Number 10 at the weekend - who I had the pleasure of meeting a few months back at London Pride.

Plus I can exclusively reveal that Donatella Versace will be doing an exclusive interview on CNN this week on the 9pm show! Known for giving very few interviews, she will be talking about London Fashion Week and the state of the fashion industry in a recession.


Now we all know there is a bargain to be had on eBay, the online auction site but LVMH, owners of Louis Vuitton, do not see it that way.

LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA - to quote its full name - has won a court case in which eBAY is to pay €80,000 in compensation for using searches for Christian Dior, Kenzo, Givenchy and Guerlain perfumes without authorisation.

This is a further financial blow to the site who were ordered to pay LVMH €38 million (yes! Million!) for allowing fake LVMH merchandise however a USA court ruling in July this year said that eBay doesn't have the legal responsibility to stop or prevent the sale of fake goods.

Similarly, Hermes won a court case last year to ban the sale of fake good on eBAY, which has seen the fashion house taking a 65% fall on eBAY results. Tiffany and Co are also seeking a similar ruling but some how I don't think this case will be as successful due to the shear amount of fake Tiffany goods on the auction site.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Ash Stymest for System

Wow! London boy-of-the-moment Ash Stymest is going sUper international with this campaign for Korean label System.
Photographed by Karim Sadli, they really capture the essence of Ash and feel that the shots are styled to highlight him, not the clothes.

photographs courtesy of Life is a Puzzle

Playful Pelayo

The incredibly attractive and sweet Pelayo of Kate Loves Me blog was photographed by The Sartorialist this week wearing this amazing home-made tee. On his blog and facebook, Pelayo is making and selling his custom tee. But the question is...where do you find pins big enough?!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Commonwealth Utilities S/S10 Runway

Commonwealth Utilities, who have become my new favorite label from the USA, kindly sent me their S/S10 runway images.

I have chosen some images that reflects the trends from the upcoming season - black, greys and metallics - and am also seeing shorts are once again on the trend list. The collection has a preppy influence and really is of the American aesthetic that has been seen in London over the past few months.

The feel I got from the video I posted here, is not what I imagined the collection to look like. However I can see the ideology of Central St. Martins graduate Anthony Keegan of making men look 'smart, sexy and a little bit fabulous'.

The collection is designed by Keegan along with business partner Richard Christiansen who presented the above collection at Astor Place Hair in New York on Monday.

Jimmy Choo for H&M

A few images have been floating around the internet, but most have been taken down! But I found one at The Fashionisto of this cotton tote with studs and leather bomber and scarf. Enjoy it whilst it lasts!

Baby, It's Cold Outside

PPRS Stunning black knit bomber cardigan with front fastening, leather toggles.

Farah Fairfax shawl collar purple cardigan with green and white fairisle print.

Missoni blue striped v neck knit.

It might just be me but it was freeeeeezing today! It got my to looking for a new winter wardrobe and My-Wardrobe has just got these in.

I like chunky knits for winter and love the cute innocence of the Farah cardigan and the versatility of the Missoni sweater.
Skinny black jeans and some boots will look pretty good I think for a return to work Thursday!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Commonwealth Utilities 'Men We Love' A/W09

Commonwealth Utilities is a new favourite import of mine since I posted about them a few weeks back. They have exclusively released their short film, Men We Love to, to me and some other press.
Its voyeuristic angle looks at the transition from normal, sleeping guys in to 'Commonwealth Utilities' supremos during a normal morning routine.
Directed by Nicolas Wagner it is a smooth yet basic piece of short-cinematography but I have to warn you, it does contain some nudity. As if that is a bad thing!

Untitled from The Malcolm on Vimeo.

Fashion Food at Fashion Week

#LFW Despite not being at any shows this London Fashion Week - work commitments- I am determined to enjoy some of the fun.
So I was pleased to hear that a pop-up Armani Cafe will open at St. Martins Lane hotel, London, WC2 which will be open from 17-22 September.

Such a great spot for some fashion week fun!

I hear the menu will be simple, healthy and fresh to munch and free Wi-Fi to allow the fashion pack to do what they do best from 9am-6pm with no reservations required! And the added bonus, it is a hop, skip and a taxi ride from the action at Somerset House.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Vogue's Fashion Night Out!

John Rocha on Dover Street en route to Dover Street Market. Such a gentleman kindly agreeing to a quick photo!

The Joseph Popcorn vendor outside Joseph on Old Bond Street - a much needed pitstop after a few bottles of champagne in Chanel opposite.

My glamorous friend Tolula Adeyami DJ'ing at the DKNY Bungalow 8 party. Resident at Bungalow 8 in London, model for Vivienne Westwood, she struck an awesome pose for me but the picture was a bit poor!

Dahhhhling Daisy at DKNY in Chanel and Dior. Bagged in the cream bag is our Vogue t-shirts which we bought from MaxMara. Thanks to all the ladies and staff at the store for their hospitality! They were amazing...such a laugh and really in the spirt of the evening.

Live models in the temporary Louis Vuitton store. Trying the get this picture was a struggle what with EVERYONE doing the same.

Robin, a dapper client at Daisy's Portobello vintage store outside Burberry on New Bond Street.

Judy, author of the entertaining Adloyada

Just as we left for the tube, I spotted this girl in vintage Dior. I know, I know this is a mens blog but can you not appreciate this look!

Me in the Fashion Night Out for Vogue t-shirt. A bargain at £10 - and 100% for charity!

So I am a lot better, off the sofa slightly more alive than the first half of this weekend. Fashion Night Out was amazing and wish it could happened every month but alas, thats up to Vogue to decide!

I hope you enjoy the shots and I hope to read your comments about what you got up to - let me know!

I am not keen on leaving negative thoughts on here but for once I must, and I surprise myself by criticising Gucci.
The charity t-shirts for sale were to raise money for Crisis UK, the homeless organization. ALL the stores, except for Gucci, were selling them for £10 regardless if you bought anything else. Oh, no...not Gucci - if you bought something you got it free.

Bad form and shame on you Gucci. I admire them for their UNICEF work, but this initiative was not thought out and not in the charitable spirit of the night.


Thank you for your email. I am so pleased you enjoyed Fashion’s Night Out.

Gucci were great supporters of the charity Crisis, but due to restrictions with their till systems, they were not able to sell the T-shirt, but rather made a donation to Crisis for the full amount purchased, and were therefore at liberty to give them as a gift with purchase. They were one of the only stores to do this. I am sorry to hear that they did not explain this to you, as their support for this worth cause was in fact quite generous.

There were over 200 brands selling the Vogue T-shirt outright. It sounds like you did find some at Max Mara. Thank you for your kind support of Crisis and enthusiasm for the event.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

After the weekend

I shall be better and post my antics from Thursday nights Fashion Night Out in London.
Am currently on my sofa wrapped in my quilt watching vintage films whilst sipping LemSip...

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

FASH OFF! - Art Against Knives

We have all been a victim or witness of crime in one way or another though few have been drawn into the tragedy of knife crime.

On 28th August last year, Oliver Hemsley - a 20 year old fashion student from St. Martin's College was a victim of an unprovoked and frenzied knife attack in Shoreditch, East London.

Whilst he survived this insane attack, he is paralysed from the neck down. Oliver will never walk again, needs constant medical attention and all for nothing.

At the close of London Fashion Week this season, FASH OFF! presents Art Against Knives once more. In collaboration with Stimuli magazine, the event will take place on Wednesday 23rd September at the Queen of Hoxton, London, EC2A 3JX with support from Vivienne Westwood, Christopher Kane, and Giles Deacon amongst a host of other well known names and faces.

I hope some of you will be able to attend the event, and for those who can't; just support the cause.

I have been unfortunate to witness both a stab victim and a shooting when I lived in Naples for 3 months. Just as a passer by, a simple witness, those images have stayed with me and will stay tattooed on my mind forever. And I wish it on no one.

For more info visit Fash Off

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Princes Of Wales (and London)

If there is one photo shoot this season that defines London as a style capital and leader, it is this one.

Styled by Kim Howels and photographed by Thomas Lor, the clothes featured include my favourites Kokon to Zai, J.W Anderson and McQueen.

Entitled 'Princes of Wales' and shot for Contributing Editor , the story uses the simple yet powerful backdrop of the Welsh coastline to accentuate the complex detailing and design of the fashion-forward clothes. Uber-hip, East London-based hair stylist Charlie Le Mindu provides the weaves whilst up-and-coming Select models Alex Dunstan, Callum Wilson and Jake Cooper provide the looks.

Kim Howels is one of London's premier stylists, directing shoots for style bibles Dazed and Confused and VMan as well as consulting for London designers Fred Butler and Noki.

One word; Amazing!

images courtesy of Contributing Editor

Vivienne Westwood Underwear and Accessories A/W09

We LOVE a bit of Westwood here at LSoD and here is the preview images of the Westwood Accessories and Underwear campaign A/W09. David Nutley - the blonde - stars as the definitive Westwood boy with a clean cut yet street image shadowed by the urban rocker boy behind.

pictures courtesy of Sean and Seng

Want to play footsie with Burberry?

No...not that sort of footsie...we are talking business, dahling...!

News reports today announce that Burberry is joining the FTSE (pronounced footsie) 100 index of leading shares. Whist it is not the first time the label was listed on the London Stock Exchange, but is reaffirming its position as Thompson Reuters - the parent company of news agency Reuters - vacated its position.

Burberrys acceleration is the biggest market capatalisation on the reserve list of any label - largest financial gain by joining the 100 list - as of last Friday.

It looks like Burberry are doing really well with shares closing today (Tuesday) at 508.50 points - or £50.85p - up 2.5% on the announcement of its floating - or listing - yesterday. Whilst the years high of 524.54 points - or £52.45 - is a little of close of todays markets, it still values the group at just under £2.2 billion.

Damn! Look at the low price at the end of November last year! If I had invested in Burberry rather than Prada SpA and Gucci Group (I recently sold them at a loss) I would be a highly fashionable, happy boy!