Well, Hedi Slimane will be rolling in his preverbal fashion grave, for successor Kris Van Assche has announced Dior Homme denim – for women.

The collection, which will be in stores worldwide early next year, is called Petite Taille – or small size – and has come about as Van Assche has seen women attracted to the super skinny styles. The ‘slim fits and modern styles’ that women want will include a range of denim washes from raw and bleached to indigo and black.

Priced from 270-785 Euro, the collection will be the first time Dior Homme has designed for a female audience yet the label has appealed to more edgy fashion following girls. Why they can’t buy regular Dior I do not know…

I was completely obsessed with Hedi Slimane’s collections at Dior Homme – I am sat writing this in one of his hoodie’s and a pair of now washed out jeans – but was unimpressed, and more disappointed when Van Assche took over.

I feel his collections have lost its edge that Dior Homme was once about – they seem to have an air of Jil Sander about them, and his first collection of almost preppy white shirts, buttoned right up, and over sized Oxford pants, was a humungous let down.

But lets hope that all that Christmas excess won’t ruin the look of this denim collection’s silhouettes!

Written by Danhasbyoliver



Is that collection you have featured Kris's or Hedi's
I don't really follow Dior but I quite like what I see here as I hate the snippits of what I have seen already.


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