Ironically, the most fashion-forward trend of S/S10 doesn’t embrace the future but reflects these present uneasy times. Monochrome, with its sharp lines, rigor and serious face, is not an obvious choice for summer yet menswear label Jaiden rVa James has collaborated with timepiece brand G-Shock to create a watch that stylishly blends the latters creative edge with the formers reliable practicality as year early.
Launching this summer, the 1980s retro black and robotic-like minimalist features Jaiden rVa James’s illustrated abstract, geometric Japanese anime figures that is sure to lighten the mood and take us back to a period of jovial pursuits and comic book hero’s.
Once the choice of tracksuit-wearing wayward-teenagers, the G-Shock watch has seen a successfully intelligent relaunch embracing a range of styles as well as limited edition collaborations such as this.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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