Friday, 14 November 2014

Year Zero Power Rangers Lux

It really is great to feature old friends on the blog, and those friends being this trio above, the Mazzilli family who own Year Zero London. Situtated at the end of Carnaby Street on Beak Street, the independent free-spirited fashion brand is launching its iconic Power Rangers Lux Collection. Rock, Louise and Tatum have been working on the iconic Power Rangers Lux Collection over the last few months and the range will be available in its store on Beak Street, as well as throughout key concept stores throughout the world.

Rocky strongly belives that Power Rangers and Year Zero London embody the same spirit, energy and beliefs that focus on being bold, being fun, being dynamic and, above all, being individual.The collection contains fun and cheeky hand silkscreened glow in the dark t-shirts with the slogan “Power Rangers do it better”; others with applique PVC sharks, tigers, dragons, cobras and phoenixes, all super-sized for a sport and urban lux look. The collection also includes some truly stunning conversation pieces of jewelry, snap backs and beanies using the powerful motifs of the Power Ranges, and materials such as acrylic and crystals, the range is inventive, powerful and statement-making. The Mazzilli's don't do anything by half.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Hermes at Liberty x Birkin 30th Anniversary

You have to love the Birkin; I would like one or to be more specific a HAC but to mark 30 years of the Birkin bag, Liberty invites you - between the 14th and 17th of November - to an exclusive exhibition of House of Hermès. Some incredible pieces from Parisian collector Catherine B, which contains rare vintage styles chosen from Catherine’s extensive collection. Boy, was she a collector. 

There will be rare and unique items such as a mini black Kelly bag in lizard skin, an illustrated Birkin bag by the French artist Antoine Kruk and a special edition Kelly ‘doll’ bag from 1996. Also on display will be the first ever Birkin bag, created for Jane Birkin in 1984 by Jean-Louis Dumas of the Hermès family. Considered the Holy Grail by vintage Hermès aficionados, in part thanks to the fact it was the only Birkin ever made with a shoulder strap.

During the exhibition’s dates, selected Hermès pieces will be available to purchase in the Liberty 2nd floor designer vintage department – including a special edition alligator Kelly bag, a prairie green ‘collier de chien’ belt, red lambskin leather gloves and a ‘vache naturelle’ leather Birkin. It sounds like heaven on earth.

Ted Baker x #Teds20

Ready for Christmas? Ted Baker can finally reveal he’s hosting a festive shopping event for everyone on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th November in all UK and Ireland stores as well as online. As part of the celebrations, Ted’s teamed up with Pimms for the evening and giving everyone the essence of Christmas in a glass, they will be serving up their warming winter drink to everyone who pays them a visit. Selected stores will be taken over by DJ’s on the Friday night to get you into that party mood, so there is no reason to enjoy the Christmas spirit and pick up a bargain for yourself or someone special. Whilst you are there, share your purchases and the evening on social media with the handle @ted_baker and the hash-tag #Teds20.

To redeem your voucher online, just type TEDS20 at the check-out prompt. 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Fisherman's Friend

Bear with me because tis' the season for cold, sniffs and the annual bout of man flu. Whilst it has long been lauded that man-flu does not exist, last month Stanford University School of Medicine stated that men may actually suffer more when they are struck down with flu - because high levels of testosterone can weaken their immune response. It found women generally had a stronger antibody response to the jab than men, giving them better protection against the virus - yet guys with lower testosterone do not suffer so much. 

Fisherman's Friend is the Marmite of lozenges - I have always had a soft spot for them not only because of their addictive taste but they do know how to clear out a cold. The makers of them did a small survey around man flu and found that the notion of man flu is very real, with almost 1 in 10 women saying that their other half suffers from it at least three times in a typical year. The bad news is, more than 1 in 10 women say it’s a huge turn-off for a man to succumb to the illness, with almost 1 in 5 even saying they find their partner less attractive when he’s struck down – and that their sympathy lasts less than one minute. Oh dear...

In women’s eyes, their partners’ worst offences include moaning, feeling sorry for themselves, refusing to take anything to help alleviate the symptoms, wearing a horrible dressing gown and/or slippers, inviting their mums round to take care of them and, in many cases, trying to get romantic regardless. So what is the best way to combat man flu. Well, as a sufferer myself, I have always found that...

- Rest is key. That mean's staying in bed or on the sofa without being tempted to do work emails, take work related phone calls or catch up on work projects. 
- Keeping warm is paramount. Blankets, quilts, duvets and warm bed-wear are essential items to cocoon and nest yourself in your new environment. 
- Keep clean. Whilst it maybe tempting not to take a shower, keeping fresh makes you feel fresher. 
- Day-Time TV. It's boring as hell, and will actively speed up your recovery process. Want to milk it for a while? Netflix and DVD's are far more entertaining and there is nothing like being wrapped up warm with some vintage James Bond. 
- Flu-related medicinal items. Whether it be a famed lemon-flavored drink that is often sipped or tablets to beat aching joints and a grotty headache, sucking on some Fisherman's Friend in between pharmaceuticals will keep you feeling perky - either the new flavours above, along side the traditional and original. 

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Boss Orange Watches AW14

Last month, I explored the new world of BOSS Orange Watches, the latest extension of the Hugo Boss brand that is exploring the edgy, laid back lifestyle of youth, individuality and spontaneity. I was impressed by the collection, one that shouts casual sensibilities with a view for fun, urban mobility yet is obsessed about quality and detail. 

Last week, I got a ‘care package’ from BOSS Orange Watches that included a crafted leather and canvas rucksack, a black and orange – naturally – SnapBack as well as this beautifully made leather wash bag that not only was embossed with my initials but some very authentic shaving products. This of course came with the watch, shown, which defines the passionate world of the brand towards urban chic styling and a casual view on life. 

So, with this in mind, I combined one my favourite looks to present the watch – black ripped jeans, a white t-shirt and a tartan shirt, which shows off and brings out the detail of the watch. The first thing I noticed about it was its substantial yet understated aesthetic – the orange dial offsets the steel case and strap perfectly. 

One thing that is instantly commendable is the weight; this is a piece that is well-made and designed without compromise. You can see the causal aesthetic speaks volumes about the spontaneity of the BOSS Orange Watches consumer; a piece that is reliable, chic and versatile to everyday activities. Masculine, the clean lines and angles of the piece work well with the engendered strap detail as well as with just the t-shirt or look great popping under my tartan shirt. 

I would highly recommend discovering the BOSS Orange Watch collection, as these will be a very popular choice for guys over Christmas and The Holidays. However, if you can’t wait that long, get ready for my next piece of coverage as you will be in with the chance to win one. Stay tuned. 

This post is sponsored in collaboration with Handpicked Future and Boss Orange Watches.

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Lyle & Scott Christmas Collection

With the dreaded but wonderful C word (don't worry, I only mean Christmas) nearly upon us; yesterday saw Lyle & Scott launch their first ever Festive range. Made in Scotland from 100% Lambswool and using three different craft knitting techniques, the collection consists of three different styles all of which were inspired by a snowflake motif from the Lyle & Scott archive. 

For knitwear-affectionardos, the large abstract design is knitted using the popular intarsia knitting method, the small microscopic design is knitted by the unusual float back jacquard technique and the jumper featuring a prominent snowflake is constructed using the Birds Eye Jacquard method. With the pieces retailing at £120 and available exclusively from the Carnaby Street, London store and online, the labelling and ticketing have all been designed uniquely for the range with gold stitching and embossed snowflakes capturing the festivity of the collection.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Harry Rowley by Tom Ford

Having worked with Harry Rowley, of Models 1, as well as being a big fan of Tom Ford - this was a post waiting to happen. Over the weekend, Tom Ford released a few images via Instagram of this shoot featuring Harry to showcase a few of the brand's elements; tailoring, beauty, jeans and sneakers. As you can see, some shots required very little styling but the essence and atmosphere of the shots captures the spirit of Tom Ford well. 

Hentsch Man AW14

I do like Hentsch Man, the London based brand that certainly knows what guys want, as well as producing the fit for the contemporary man. For AW14, they have launched a set of four Japanese shirts bridge the gap between dress and casual that can be worn anytime, any place. The prints and indigo-like colour are reminiscent of a Japanese men's summer kinonos, with Indigo-dyed, block printed and almost always in 100% cotton, putting them on the best-selling shirt block, The Friday Shirt. As the clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in sooner; what better way to lift the mood with a piece that combines the east with the west.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Drilling Lab

Whilst jewelry is very personal, I would challenge anyone who would not like one of these pieces from Drilling Lab. It is often said there is cool, and then there is achingly cool; a term I would describe these pieces as because of their material composition and the detail and industrial like design. Titled Clamp, the first collection which is produced by the traditional factory in Taiwan, explores the structure of a clamp in the shape of rings. The collection has been developed in two different forms, type A and type B. 

Type A is constructed out of two pieces embedded with a screw, while type B is integral conformation with an exposed screw - the best part is that you could assemble or dissemble the ring with the screw and hex key enclosed. Coming in 3 different colors, the screw adds the perfect finishing touch to the piece expressing the user’s individualized character. Enchanted by the sturdy, straight-forward and unadorned properties of things made with traditional techniques and machining components, the designer gives no extra surface treatment and retains the casual and rugged touch in the ring collection. Now; the thing is the price - you would expect that these pieces retail for a couple, if now a few, hundred dollars but the most expensive is the gold which comes in at $120/£80. Surprised? I was too and will definitely be keen to get my hands one the silver versions. 

Onia x Matches


With many of us taking time away in more hotter climates to escape the stormy autumn weather; it is with perfect timing that the excellent swimwear brand Onia has dropped at Matches. The American brand, who's name means Ship in Hebrew, has a reputation of using only the highest quality fabrics which is extended to the offering at Matches for Resort 15 which lands now. 

Friday, 31 October 2014

HERO 12 x Happy Halloween

...And The Night Crept In...male super model Mathias Lauridsen takes the lead in this eerie photo shoot set in the backdrops of a haunted mansion. With photography by Hugh Lippe and styling by HERO fashion director Gro Curtis, it really captures the spirit of Halloween.