Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Berwick Street, Soho

On a drizzly Monday in April, this week in fact, I was invited down to Soho to explore the historic Berwick Street, a location famed for its market (founded in the 18th century), record and cloth shops as well as its off-beat cultural importance in the life of Soho. Often used as a cut through to streets like Wardour, Brewer or the three running off Old Compton Street, it was almost strange to take the time to walk slowly and take in the atmosphere and architecture. 

I started off with lunch at Bone Daddies on Peter Street, which is famed for its exceptional and authentic ramen. Joined by the PR's who look after the promotional interests of the area (as well as other destination areas of central London), we opted for a sharing starter of pork ribs, edamame and soft shell crab which was all excellent, succulent and fresh. I highly recommend a visit here, but get there early as it gets busy - fast. 

What is great about Berwick Street is that all of the stores are independent which means it is chain free, specialist and above all interesting. From the fascinating W. Sitch & Co, an antiques lighting shop that is a trove of fixtures, Nudie Jeans with its unique Denim Repair Shop to brands such as Oliver Spencer, Percival, Sandqvist and Universal Works who chose the street as their first bases in London. This is testament to the nature and atmosphere of the street which is a hive of activity around lunch times with people vying for excellent street food from the market or music fans scouting out current or rare records at one of the many music stores. Whilst not on Berwick Street but on Brewer which runs at its base, make sure you head to Lights of Soho. A cafe-come-workspace-come-members club, the neon signs and art work are incredibly mesmerising, as is the current exhibition; Ben Eine's Soho Riot which runs until May 21st. 

I have made a booking for lunch at Polpetto this week, so I will again take my time wandering down this almost hidden treasure. I say almost as many have pounded the payments of Berwick Street yet may have not fully appreciated what charm and interest it holds. 

Ab Fab Movie Full Official Trailer

It's here! Patsy and Eddy are on the run in the South of France ("where everyone is a criminal anyway") after Eddy accidentally kills Kate Moss at a star studded party by knocking her into the River Thames. It also has an incredible amount of cameos - said to be over 60 - by celebrities such as the afore mentioned Kate Moss, Jon Hamm, Rebel Wilson, Jodie Harsh, Barry Humphries aka Dame Edna Everage, Graham Norton, Jeremy Paxman, Jerry Hall, Dame Joan Collins, Pam Hogg, Perez Hilton and Wanda Bentham. his is a laugh out loud comedy, and a long overdue feature of the hit BBC series which started in 1992. I can not wait for this to be released on July 1st, but in the mean time here are my top lines from the duo which had me roaring this morning. 

1. Eddy, on phone: “Hi, Darling – no, I’m working from Nobu this week.” 

2. Patsy, to Jon Hamm: “Hi Johnny, Don’t you remember me?” Jon Hamm: "Oh, God. I can’t believe you’re so…alive. "

3. Eddy: “Stella!” Stella McCartney: “You’re not wearing my clothes, are you?” Eddy: ''No, it's all TK Maxx, TK Maxx. 

4. Eddy: “What is this, some kind of late-life lesbo party?” Patsy: “Where are all the men?!”

5. Eddy: “I’ve been trollied on Twitter The woman told me I was a pariah.” Saffy: “Do you know what a pariah is?” Eddy: “Yeah. It’s a fish.”

Monday, 25 April 2016

Sudio - Vasa

It is no surprise that Swedish design has exploded in popularity, coming from a lifestyle trend - and need - for simple, functional and practical design. I think we all know the most famous of names in Swedish design is that of the 'big blue and yellow store' however, there is a host of design studios and houses which are trickling over to the UK with exceptional products. One name which caught my attention is Sudio, a technology brand from Stockholm. The name Sudio comes from an incident when one of the founders spotted the musician Phil Collins in New York having problems with his headphones. With the frustration of not yet being able to offer any better alternative to Phil the only words he could out were: “trust me I know the feeling”, as they shared eye contact. The name Sudio is an homage to Phil Collins song Sussudio and the determination of succeeding with the venture rendered from the bitter sweet anecdote.

The brand sent over these, the Sudio VASA Rose Gold earphones in white (£55, with free shipping) which comes with a full–feature 3-button remote and mic for both Android and iOS. I prefer earphones as they are far easier to transport on my commute or travels, and do not mess up my hair or look too bulky. The Sudio VASA has been named after King Gustaf Vasa, who led the Swedish War of Liberation against King Christian II of Denmark during the 16th century. VASA is one of Sudio ́s premium models, to which a new generation 10,2 mm driver has been developed and is their best so far. Incredibly clear, comfortable to use - the buds are a rubber which is highly flexible which means I am now able to hear every detail, in every instrument, in every song which Sudio says gives a unique unforgettable sound experience. 

I am very impressed with the tech specs and the aesthetics  (go check out their Instagram page which is pure visual delight) so Sudio are offering LSoD readers 15% discount with the code LSOD15, which can be used at checkout. 

Percy Nobleman Grooming

I have long given up on being clean shaven (it all comes off once a year for a full face cleanse) but I can't or don't really want to grow a full beard. With this stubbly middle ground, it has been difficult finding a grooming brand that caters for my facial hair choices. Until now. Step forward Percy Nobleman, a British brand who launches their Face & Stubble range in Boots during the early weeks of May. It’s a collaborative effort between them and Boots to come up with a gap-in-the-market product between face care and beard care which is previously an unexplored area of men’s grooming making this product fairly unique.  Essentially it really actually gets to the skin, helps against anti ageing, wakes the skin up and helps it repair - all whilst caring for the beard hair and not making it greasy as it's 98% natural. 

I have been using this for a couple of days now, and I am quite impressed with the results - my face and stubble feels fresh, clean and as Percy Nobleman says; not greasy which is often the case with some moisturisers. You don't need a lot, perhaps a pea sized amount which gives an intense covering to really get into the pores and hair. Also, both smell really great - again, fresh and clean with a slight aroma of cucumber and mint which lasts but that is not overwhelming. Check them out online and if you are in the same situation as me, head on down to Boots next month. 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

WESC Festival

It is that time of the year when we start planning and packing for festivals. With Coachella having just signed off for another year at Indio in Nevada, USA, in the UK we have the famously muddy Glastonbury, hedonistic Leeds and Reading, chilled out British Summer Time and the now-not-so-secret Secret Garden Party events. WESC, the Nordic brand who combines minimal and sleek pieces with a healthy nod to street and lifestyle pieces has some great items to take with you to which ever festival you are going to. Just don't forget to pack the baby wipes...

Monday, 18 April 2016

Admiral SS16

Clothes are more than what you wear – they represent a time and a place. They tell a story. London’s East End doesn’t have drawn borders, but it has a spirit and soul that sets it part from the rest of the city.

Admiral is 101 years old. It has witnessed a lot. It was worn by football’s greatest through the decades to the present day. And now, in 2016, its style pays homage to the mods, casuals and Britpop icons made on London’s streets. People who took the sports aesthetic and made it their own.

To showcase the new collection, Admiral followed a group of friends as they journeyed through the East End to the stadium to watch their team. They started out in Romford, went to Pontoon Dock, on to Trinity Buoy Wharf, Tobacco Docks and Broadway Market dressed in looks inspired by the styles of the streets they tread. 

The collection is available to buy from Sainsbury’s store and online at

AVEDA Invati Men

Some of us are blessed with thick hair, some of us are now. However AVEDA, the haircare specialists, have introduced Invati Men - a two-step system specifically designed for men to address one of their biggest hair care concerns, thinning. The great team at AVEDA sent over the new two-step range which I have been using over the weekend. Firstly, I used the nourishing exfoliating shampoo which is a a creamy, lightweight shampoo that exfoliates the scalp and conditions to help strengthen thinning hair. 

Using wintergreen-derived salicylic acid it helps remove build-up and excess sebum which can clog pores. Following this was the scalp revitaliser which is a leave-in treatment serum, powered by Amla, which thickens hair at the root. With a little warm tingle, I would like to see how this process fairs over time although with the Invati Men aroma containing a refreshing blend of essential oils from pure plant essences, including certified organic cedarwood and fir, it won't be a chore. 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Ron Dorff London Flagship

I have a feeling this store will quickly become the jewel in the 7 Dials crown. After a long awaited retail debut in the UK, french-Swedish premium sports and lifestyle brand for men, Ron Dorff has opened its first London-based store at 5 Earldom Street. I dropped by yesterday and spoke to the guy who works there, who was very passionate about the products and the brand which was clearly genuine and full of passion. Offering the brand’s full collection including sportswear, swimwear, homewear, underwear, body care, I will be dropping by to stock up on some bits later on this week - go take a look for yourself! 

David Beckham Aqua Classic

As the David Beckham brand continues, it is clear that what ever he puts his name to is great quality but accessible and dare I say it, value for money. The latest release of the David Beckham fragrance collection is the Limited Edition Aqua Classic; a fresh and zesty combination which is contemporary without being youthful. The first woody notes are subtle, which then opens up into more violet floral notes which is stronger. It is then the energy of lemon which lingers in a refined but invigorating way to then mix with elegant vetiver. This is another hit for Mr Beckham which has the approval from me. 

Friday, 1 April 2016


I spotted one of these JD adverts on the tube today whilst waiting for a train to arrive, its simplicity stood out from the rest of those which faced me on the platform. The release is for their Easter campaign to reign supreme as the Undisputed King of Trainers, with brands such as Nike, adidas Originals, Converse, Ellesse, EA7 and Lacoste. What more, this Easter has seen them as well introducing their latest accessories from the likes of New Era and Starter snapbacks along side various names in festival bags and backpacks. As Spring has sprung, and the clocks have gone forward it is time to spring down to JD to see what you can pick up.